Current topics in Anti-aging Medicine, Part 1

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Base your health decisions on reliable information, not just media resources.

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People are often influenced by the news media, and sometimes make medical decisions based only on what they read on the internet. A recent article published December 28, 2011 by CNN Health made some statements and quoted some experts that would lead readers to the conclusion that anti-aging medicine is generally unsafe.

In the article, titled The risks of anti-aging medicine, CNN Health reported that a 56 year old California woman injected human growth hormone into her thighs six times a week. Six months after starting the treatment, she died of liver cancer.

The problem with this report is that it allows the reader to confuse correlation with causation, inferring or implying that the treatment is responsible for the patient’s death. The experts quoted do not say conclusively that the HGH treatment caused this women’a death.

In this episode of the BioBalance Healthcast Brett Newcomb and I walk through the article and explain why it may not be totally accurate or objective, and how you might think about medical-related articles you in the future, especially when you are considering healthcare issues.

Episode 62 will continue this discussion.

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