Caring for Dry Skin

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Your complexion requires special care during the winter months.

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On episode 60 of the BioBalance Healthcast Dr. Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss the problem and treatment of dry skin. Dr. Maupin is medical director of Halina André Cosmeceuticals when she created a her own botanical, spa-quality skin care products. The line includes a products made specifically for dry skin, which are available for purchase online at

The dry air and low humidity winter brings affects our skin. It is important to establish and stick to a skin cleansing routine for your face and your body. A nightly routine is not just about removing makeup, it’s about keeping your skin healthy.

Start your routine by washing with a cream-based wash. Using an alcohol based wash during the cold months will speed up the drying of skin. After you’ve washed your face, apply a toner to open pores and clean off all dead skin. Wiping with a toner will remove what your wash left behind and prepare your face for moisturizer. Moisturizer is meant to put a mask over the skin so all of the moisture produced in your face is held in while you sleep. Dehydration leads to dry skin regardless of the amount of moisturizer used.

For your eye’s, you first need to use an eye makeup remover. BioBalance Health has one with the same PH as tears and is therefore hypoallergenic. You then need to use a product that contains vitamin K to lighten dark circles and arnica to stop puffiness. The gel dries but does not dehydrate under the eyes. It moves fluid located beneath the skin’s survace and mobilizes it.

These products are not just for women and they’re not just used to make you look better. They are for overall healthiness of the skin on your face. For men, shaving exfoliates and aftershave acts as a toner, so some products for men are already doing the job.

Vitamin C serum is to be used for brown spots and dry dull skin, and is applied after toner but before moisturizer. Then, the moisturizer holds this in on your skin and heals overnight.

Smoking keeps oxygen from getting to your skin which leads to wrinkles and bad skin. It keeps you from healing quickly and from losing dead skin. Most smokers have bad lines over lips and deep wrinkles. Washing your body removes the essential oils that keep your body naturally moisturized. You can apply a body conditioner to keep in oil but still rid the body of dead skin.

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