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As we age our body begins to deteriorate and we become more fragile and more susceptible to illness and death.

For the last several weeks, we have been discussing the various systems of the body which, as we age, begin to function less well and to break down. As each of these systems begin to deteriorate, we become more fragile and more susceptible to illness and death.  Dr. Maupin and Brett have been discussing what we know about each of these systems and why they deteriorate and what is currently known about how to anticipate and avoid this break down in capacity and operation of the body systems.

This week we are going to discuss the Anti-Aging Pyramid developed at BioBlance Health by Dr. Maupin. This pyramid explains how she understands where you are on the pyramid and how to help you stay healthier at each stage of the pyramid. Through the use of this model, she has developed treatments which slow down or stop your bodies systems from losing capacity and causing you to be available for opportunistic assaults by disease and injury.

The first of these steps is the replacement of the basic sex hormones Testosterone and Estradiol. Dr. Maupin believes, (and has explained further in both of her books), that these are the first dominoes of the aging cascade of illnesses that we call old age. These two sex hormones are the critical ones for re-energizing a man or woman so that they function more like they did when they were in their thirties and forties. This improved functioning helps shield them from the illnesses of aging, the loss of their libido, the onset of fragility and susceptibility to all kinds of illnesses associated with being old.

After replacing needed testosterone and estradiol, Dr. Maupin looks at replacing other hormones such as thyroid and progesterone and cortisol. This helps prevent adrenal fatigue and helps your body maintain the energy balance at the cellular level that is regulated by the thyroid.

As we go up the pyramid, we look at the prevention of the identified diseases of aging. If we determine that you are more likely to get one of these diseases because of your genetics and your metabolic processes, we apply the best treatments to help you minimize the impact or avoid all together the aging diseases.

Next we will talk with you about personal diet and exercise programs. We find that if we put you on medicine to initially help you avoid the diseases of aging, then encourage you to change the choice matrix of how you live. Eat healthily, exercise regularly both cardio and resistance exercises, you will take control over your destiny and help yourself live longer and more independent lives.

If Dr. Maupin determines that the next best thing to do is help your diet and metabolic control, then she will suggest tailor made supplements for your diet and health.

Once your basic metabolic processes are taken care of as best we can, we want to focus on the reality that if you feel better you want to look better and if you look better, you feel better. To this end, Dr. Maupin has developed BioBalance Skin, a separate business which will help provide full body esthetic care. Skin care, hair, fat, non -surgical procedures that will help you look and feel your best.

A new area of focus is the burgeoning field of peptides. There are specific peptides (amino Acid chains that attack specific harmful processes in the body), peptides can specifically attack imbalances or broken down metabolic processes and help return you to the functionality that you had when you were younger and your system was at full capacity and vigor.

Be sure to listen to this health cast for a fuller understanding of what BioBalance health is and how it works to make your life both longer, and better.


This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author.


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