Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy as Treatment for Symptoms of Aging

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The traditional medical protocol is that when someone gets sick they go to the doctor and are hopefully given a solution to treat their ailment. Recently the medical community has seen a turn towards a more holistic approach whereby physicians want to avoid symptom chasing and look at the body as a whole and treat the patient, not the symptoms.

The aging process generally begins after 40. Testosterone is the first to go in men. In women, it is estrogen.  When testosterone drops in men they begin to have altered moods. Anything below 400 is considered a diminished level. The changes in both men and women also include loss of intensity in orgasm’s, diminished sexual desire, unbalanced moods, and increased anxiety.

Medicine is now showing that menopausal and andropausal people don’t have to live with these symptoms. By replacing testosterone through pellets, the uncomfortable symptoms can be combated. I seriously believe that later life divorce is a result of imbalanced hormones. Because the loss of testosterone causes decreased libido our brains begin to think we don’t need our spouse this combined with fluctuating moods is recipe for marital disaster. By fixing the problem of testosterone loss, more marriages would survive.

Delivery methods range widely.  Oral pills were the first to be introduced. More recently it has been shown that this is most non effective method because the testosterone is transformed to estrogen, which makes symptoms worse. When bioidenticals became popular, patches and creams came out. These are transdermal and are better than oral options. However, these still convert to estrogen although not as much as pills. The creams also must be applied frequently throughout the day. Sublingual tablets are a safe option and when used, must be taken once or twice a day. Finally there are hormone pellets that are subdermally placed under the skin. The absorption process of deterioration does not exist. The hormones go directly to the blood stream rather than through the liver first to be turned to estrogen. They are placed once every 3 months. I prefer this method because you only think about it 4 times a year, it’s relatively painless, and it’s the most effective way to introduce bioidentical testosterone into your body.

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