The Death of Title IX, and the End of Women’s Equality

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The decision to make women compete against biologic men is an uneducated, unscientific decision.

Title IX is a Federal Civil Rights Law passed as part of the Education Amendment of 1972.  It is now in jeopardy of being reversed in practical use and destroyed in the spirit of the amendment.  Title IX was passed in 1972 (my junior year in high school) to allow women to receive equal funding with men’s sports so women could compete in sports on an equal basis with men. By requiring equal funding with men’s sports for women’s sports, this amendment allowed women to become respected and adequately coached in high school and college and offered for the first time, scholarships for sports equivalent to what men received.  Title IX required schools to allocate equivalent money for women’s sports for uniforms, travel to games, salary to coaches and time on the court or field.  This was the first successful step in the women’s movement that allowed women equality since we got the right to vote!  Today, 52 years later, the viability of women’s sports and equality of women has been destroyed by one presidential order within days of his entering office and without a vote of the legislature.

I was a young adult when Title IX was passed, and it took years to be practically put in place. The belief that men were the only sex to be able to compete in sports hung on long after the amendment was passed.  During Highschool I was only allowed to participate in 2 sports at my very large Kansas City Missouri High School (Center Senior High).  The only sports that were offered to women at my high school were tennis and track.  We had literally no funding and shared coaches with the men who didn’t pay any attention to us, we were considered second class citizens and had to fund our own travel to meets and uniforms and had minimal court time which was off our high school campus (just for the women).

At that time, before Title IX, when it came to sports, work and professions, women were considered inferior.  Title IX raised women to the same level of funding for sports which gave women options to play many types of sports and receive equivalent scholarships and funding for the necessities of athletes.  Power flows from funding.

Now I will tell you why biologically this is wrong. In this one pen stroke the President sent the message that women should be put back in our place on the sidelines, and men should be given the money and financial scholarships for higher education.

As a doctor, and a gynecologist, I believe that allowing biologic men who are transexuals to compete against women in sports, will destroy women’s sports by guaranteeing transsexuals and teams with transsexuals on them an easy win in sports every time they compete.  It is a physiologic fact that women have 1/10 the testosterone in their blood that men have. This testosterone makes all the difference when it comes to strength, muscle mass, and speed!   It is why we disqualify athletes of both sexes who inject testosterone to be stronger and better, because THAT is cheating!  The decision to make women compete against biologic men is an uneducated, unscientific decision. This is what his decision to bypass the legislature to sign this executive order says to me.

This executive order should be reversed, but if it isn’t, it should be modified in the following ways:

  1. Biologic males must have a total testosterone level below 60 ng/dl which is the normal total testosterone of women. Men’s normal healthy total testosterone range is 400-1500 ng/dl.
  2. Biologic males who want to compete against women should be completely through their transformation into females which means their genitals must be removed including their testes and penis, and they must be on maximum estradiol replacement that is typical for trans-sexual male to female transformation.
  3. Biologic male transsexuals must have completed the psychological counseling that this transformation requires.

Even with these “rules” there is still a problem with biologic males competing with females.  Biologic males even after transformation, for the most part will still be taller than women and still have pre-transformation muscle mass.  Both of these un-alterable qualities still give biologic males a great advantage in sports.  The other medical outcome for women is in contact sports these biologic males with injure women who cannot be as big or tall as the men.

The locker room is still a problem for the women athletes who must shower with biologic males, especially if the transformation is not completed including surgery and hormone replacement.   I would not let my daughter compete in sports with biologic males who did not look physically like a female, because she would be at risk of rape and sexual assault by those “men in sheep’s clothing” who are not truly transformed and use this law as a way to succeed in sports when they cannot win against other men.  It leaves the possibility open for fraud in the area of women’s sports, meaning the males who decide they want to win in the Olympics, or in Highschool or college sports, and get a scholarship are free to temporarily decide they identify with being female, but who may revert to being male after competition is no longer a way to success and monetary gain. Until the definitive surgery and hormonal injections have been complete, and the choice of sexual identity is non-reversible, our daughters will not be safe to be in the same locker rooms with biologic male transsexuals.

Currently we ban the use of testosterone in competing athletes of both sexes because it gives both sexes an advantage.  By allowing biologic males to compete with ten times the testosterone that females have is just another form of cheating.  This will be another way to cheat to “win”. The President is opening up a whole new way to cheat at sports and a new way for men to abuse women. I’m sure he was afraid to let the legislature weigh in on this decision because this law favors 0.2% of the trans-sexual population over 50% of the population.  Democracies don’t work like this.

No matter what the modifications of the executive order are, all women should realize what the underlying meaning of this law is: Subjugation of women, yet again!    Women are the largest group in America who are routinely discriminated against and we don’t fight back!  This is just the beginning of turning back time and making women second class citizens again! Please stand up for half of your voters and half of the US population.

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author.  (314) 993-0963

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