Continuing The Discussion – “The Benefits of Testosterone Pellets”

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In part ll of a two part series, Dr. Maupin and Brett continue to discuss the top 15 benefits of testosterone pellets.

Benefits of Testosterone Pellet (7 – 15)

7 – An Overall Feeling of Wellbeing

It is true that Testosterone is the “feel good hormone”.  The one improvement our patients cannot quite express is the feeling of being well and health they receive from testosterone pellets.  

8 – Better weight control

Muscles burn calories, and testosterone makes larger, stronger muscles. Muscle is where our body heat is made and more muscle mass means more  calories burned!  This increases appreciably in the first year of testosterone pellet therapy.  By increasing testosterone, you also receive the added benefit of increased growth hormone which also burns fat and makes our patients leaner.

9 – More relief from joint and muscle pain

Testosterone stimulates the production of synovial fluid, the “oil” of the joints that keeps our joints supple.  As testosterone declines, joints lose this lubrication and the cartilage rubs together and wears the joint out.  When we replace testosterone, synovial fluid is replaced and joint pain decreases,  Even more important, with testosterone the risk of joint replacement decreases if the cartilage has not been too damaged before T replacement.

10 – Prevent’ s Cancer and Viral Infections Through An Improved Immune System

Testosterone stimulates the thymus to produce more and more active T cells that kill invaders and cancer cells.  This brings back our internal immunity, remember the way our bodies fight cancer is through  the action of our immune cells.

11 – Improved heart and circulatory performance

Testosterone lowers cholesterol and reduces inflammation. Both of these create plaque in your bloodstream that will increase cardiac problems. By replacing lost testosterone we can clean out our arteries and decrease the risks of heart attack and stroke.

12 – Increased resistance to diabetes type II

Testosterone pellets lower insulin resistance by increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat in your body. Type II Diabetes improves with weight loss and decreased insulin resistance.

13 – Reduction of autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune disorders happen when our body’s natural immune cells become confused and attack healthy cells in the body. By replacing lost testosterone we can decrease the activity of autoimmune cells and halt the progression of autoimmune diseases.

14 – Reduction in migraines

Migraines happen when blood vessels in your brain swell. There is a resulting compression within the brain and you experience the pain of a migraine. Testosterone replacement works to decrease the frequency of, or cure migraines. Many patients report that having replaced their testosterone has the added benefit of stopping their migraines.

15 – Longer healthier life

Lost testosterone production causes us to become at risk for the disorders associated with aging. i.e. heart disease, dementia, diabetes, immune disorders, cancers, osteoporosis, balance problems, decrease in muscle mass. Our data shows that by replacing lost testosterone to healthy normal people from middle age on, one can avoid or decrease the risks of developing these disorders that are associated with getting old.  There is a double benefit because you can avoid these disorders entirely in many cases and this will allow you to live longer, healthier, independent lives.

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author.

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