Exciting New Weight Loss Program at BioBalance Health

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Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss the new weight-loss program available at Biobalance Health. They discuss the importance of personal responsibility for patients that want to lose weight and address some of the frustrations that patients might experience.

One of the reasons people come to BioBalance Health to obtain hormone replacement pellets is that they have begun to put on belly fat and have gained weight that they cannot seem to lose regardless their diet or exercise routine. They have heard that by taking bioidentical replacements for hormones, particularly testosterone, they will be able to lose that weight and belly fat. What they do not know—and what I always tell them—is that they will eventually be able to lose weight if they receive the pellets and they follow the diet and exercise plans that we offer.

Initially, patients on hormone replacement therapy tend to lose size around their waist but they don’t lose weight. This really confuses and often frustrates them. What is happening is that they are losing fat and putting on muscle which weighs more than the fat. They may lose a pants size or two, and still weigh the same that they did when they came in. I remind them that they are redistributing their weight and turning fat into muscle. If they continue with their diet and their regular exercise program, they will eventually lose weight as well. Sometimes, my patients report that they actually put on weight in the beginning of hormone replacement therapy, but they recognize that their shape is changing. They become upset when they do not realize that the change their body is experiencing is a shift from fat cells to denser (and heavier) muscle.

If you only take the replacement hormones, but do not change your consumption patterns, you will not be successful in losing weight or size. It takes both the miracle of the hormone replacement and the discipline of a healthier life style. We want to help you make lifestyle changes, not just short-lived cosmetic changes. You, as the patient, have to bring the effort and intentionality to the process of healthier living. We can give you the missing ingredient: the hormone structure that you had when you were younger and more active. This replacement will offer you the opportunity to restore your vigor and your health, but it does not happen automatically or magically. There is still a lot of work that is required. You, the patient, will transform yourself. We at BioBalance Health will support you, advise you, and provide you with the raw materials, but you will have to do the work. If you do the work consistently—not perfectly—you will lose weight, lose waist size, and have a healthier, stronger life.

Part of our support programming is the weight loss program that we recommend. We advise that people drink one half their body weight in pounds in ounces of water each and every day. We advise that people follow a restricted carb diet. Eat protein, fresh fruit and green leafy vegetables and eat fewer carbs. If you do these things you will begin to lose weight as well as size. The hormone replacement will help position you for success, you have to walk the walk and help yourself lose weight.

There are some powerful new diet drugs that doctors can prescribe. We have access to those and when it is advisable, we provide them to our patients that we think need them.

Listen to our podcast to learn more about this process and the weight loss program that we offer.

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