Patches, Pills or Pellets – What’s the best delivery method for Bioidentical Hormones?

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Pellets are the best vehicle for bioidentical hormones.

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In episode 49 of the BioBalance Healthcast, we continue our series dealing with bioidentical hormones in the news. Brett Newcomb and I discuss a recent news report that compared patches and pills. We add important detail to the discussion of these methods and then describe my preferred hormone delivery system, bioidentical pellets.

Patches carrying estradiol, or estradiol and progestin, are applied to the hip or addomen to provide the body with the additional hormones transdermally—or through the skin. Pills that are swallowed go from the stomach to the liver where they are broken down to make estrone—or “old lady estrogen.” Estrone is just what menopausal women don’t need more of because it causes several negative effects. Estradiol pellets that are inserted into the vagina are designed to deliver estrogen just to the vaginal wall so it is not a good way to get the hormone distributed throghout the body.

The best delivery method is—and the one I use almost exclusively—is bioidentical estradiol and testosterone pellets inserted subcutaneously, in the fatty portions of the hip or thigh, three or four times per year.

The overall conclusion in regards to bioidentical hormone therapy is that patches are healthier than pills, but not as good as pellets.

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