Fatigue and Low Testosterone Part 2

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Major Causes of Fatigue are Poor Diet and Lack of Exercise

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In episode 32 of the BioBalance Healthcast, Brett Newcomb and I continue the discussion we started in episode 31 on the causes of fatigue. In addition to low testosterone, fatigue is often due to poor diet and insufficient exercise.

In treating fatigue symptoms, I start by looking at the patient’s history. I determine if their problem is hormonal imbalance, and often it is, but it’s also likely they need to make lifestyle changes in diet and/or exercise.

Poor Habits which burden patients and cause fatigue:

  • too many carbs in the diet
  • eating only once a day (instead of the recommended 6)
  • lack of nutrients (supplements such as VEMMA or multivitamins
  • lack of fresh foods

Problems with Vegan Diets

  • weight gain (false assumption of losing weight.)
  • B-12 deficiency
  • lack of essential amino acids
  • excessively reliant on carbohydrates
  • many vegans do not take supplemental vitamins

Food Pyramid

  • For thirty years the food pyramid required us to eat most of our calories as carbohydrates, followed by protein and then fats
  • This has lead to a major crisis in diabetes!
  • Now the NIH has recommended a reversal, turning the pyramid upside down. Most calories should come from protein, then fat, then carbohydrates.
  • The truth is that Fat does not make you Fat, Carbohydrates do!
  • Following a low carb diet will eliminate the afternoon fatigue that comes from eating too many carbs with a resulting low blood sugar.

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