Female Andropause

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Female andropause is rarely discussed but is so important to what is wrong with you! Andropause occurs years before menopause and it steals your youthful figure, ability to think, energy, self esteem, beauty, sex drive, and most importantly your health!

Andropause is the loss of Testosterone that reaches a critical level between 38 and 50 in most women. You have a critical level, and we don’t know what it is until you experience it….it is unique to you! This is what makes it hard to measure scientifically..it is most easily diagnosed through your symptoms, age and then confirmed by blood levels. Because until recently women were not thought by the medical mainstream to have a libido, it was not even addressed as a problem.

Andropause is real in women and men! If you are thinking, ”I am not menopausal yet, but there is something really wrong with me!” It may be andropause.

Testosterone gives us so many wonderful things when we are young, and actually works on our brain to make us who we are: I provides our happy mood, our self-esteem, motivation to work and play, and of course our Libido! Physically Testosterone gives us muscle mass, a healthy immune system, young looking skin tone, orgasms, and many other attributes we associate with youth.

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