Women, Orgasms, and the “Hot” Spots

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Discussing the areas on the female body that can bring a woman to orgasm.


“Hot spots” are the areas of the female body that can bring a woman to orgasm if stimulated, touched licked, sucked or rubbed.  Not every woman has the same favorite area, and many women don’t think about it.  I always say there are two activities that require you to shut down your mind and go: Sex and Golf!   As much as we like to joke about sex, the act of having sex is a serious business and very beneficial to your health and your relationship.  As a physician I think having more sex can substitute for sleep drugs, antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs.

This discussion will be about the Hot spots located on the female body and the sexual positions that can help stimulated that area.  No two people are the same and it is important to examine and touch yourself to find out what areas you like.  Figure out what makes you feel good and what brings you to orgasm. Take time to look at your vaginal opening and vulva in the mirror and figure out where the very important clitoris is, touch your own labia and examine your vaginal opening. The most sensitive area of the vulva is the clitoris.  If unstimulated it hides behind a “hood that protects it from being injured and from normal daily activity stimulating an orgasm.  However, when you are masturbating or having sex, the clitoris is the most sensitive hot spot, and the most common one to bring women to orgasm when stimulated. The clitoris is like a tiny penis and has the same sensitivity. Most women require clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. The sexual positions that stimulate the clitoris include all face-to-face positions, but if your partner sits behind you or kneels behind you when you on your hands and knees, he can reach around and stimulate your clitoris while he is entering from behind.

Then, when you are familiar with the outside of your vulva, you can enter your vagina with one or two fingers (always wash your hands and trim your nails) and feel the roof of the vagina about an inch in from the vaginal opening, a dime sized thickness, that is the G spot, an area that can give you a lot of pleasure and the second site of orgasmic excitement, the #2 Hot Spot. This area produces a different feeling orgasm than clitoral stimulation and can often stimulate an ejaculation. Once you know where it is, you can show your partner where it can be found and how good it makes you feel.  He can then take over massaging it with his fingers or his penis. The best position for this is with you on your hands and knees and him kneeling behind you.

Your vagina is generally about as deep as your longest finger, and at the top of the vagina lies the cervix. This is the organ that provides the third hotspot that can generate a climax, if the cervix is moved in the right way. You can gently move it side to side with the tips of your fingers, one finger on each side of the cervix or gently push it straight up toward your belly button, as if your fingers are a penis thrusting gently into the cervix. With the side-to-side motion or the thrusting motion you can generate a unique and very pleasurable orgasm. The position that reaches the cervix the best is the woman on her back or the side of the bed with her knees up, I call it lithotomy position, and her partner standing at the side of the table or bed trusting slowly.  In this position the cervix is accessible to most male penises. That’s number 3!

The outside of the vagina is sensitive to light “slapping” with the palm of your hands or with a penis, which is the fourth way to stimulate an orgasm.  Number five is the area around the opening of the anus, and you don’t have to participate in anal sex to be stimulated there.  Circling the outside of the anus with a finger can also stimulate the fifth type of orgasm.

Of course, there are other erotic areas of the body that can be stimulated to bring you to orgasm, and some women have areas that are not shared by all women, like toes that are particularly sensitive to being sucked, or massaged and that can bring them to climax.  Breasts are another area that can cause an orgasm when they are suckled.

Now, when you have become knowledgeable and comfortable with your own anatomy, then it is time to ask your partner if he or she wants to learn what “really makes you have a great orgasm”!

I think the best part of being female is that we have the ability to have multiple orgasms!  This is not generally shared by the opposite sex. With the right stimulation and a generous blood level of testosterone this phenomenon is not unusual.

I think teaching your partner one thing at a time is about all a guy can handle, so go slow, and or masturbate for him to show him how you stimulate yourself to come.  Most men think this is a turn on, but it is polite to ask if he is interested in seeing you “perform”, or not.


This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author.

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