There is a genetic basis for being high risk for a reaction to vaccines

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Does your genetics impact potential Covid 19 vaccine reactions?

In an article published in November of 2021 by the genetics company, “23 and Me”, new information was revealed that refutes the belief that the risks of getting and or dying from Covid 19 is equal for all humans–are a one size fits all proposition.  Today I would like to relay the information that I have learned from research done by 23 and me over the last two years during the covid pandemic.  This is not my finding, but that of this genetics company who carried out a one- and one-half year research study by asking those people who had given their genetic histories to 23 and me for research questions, if they got the infection, and if it was severe or minimal or anything in between.  They also did research on the genetics of those patients who succumbed to covid, and on those patients who did not get the infection even when exposed.  This study was to find out what genetic inheritance makes us at risk for severe covid infection and what inheritance (snips of DNA) makes us relatively immune to Covid.

This research inherently questions how the risk of infection has been portrayed by our government, as a luck of the draw type of risk with one answer…vaccination.  The findings suggest that each person is an individual with genetic and lifestyle factors that give him/her individual risks of getting the infection at all, as well as dying of the infection are partially due to an individual person’s God-given genetic makeup.

When people and governments panic, decisions are made with broad strokes and a one size fits all solution is created and following these solutions is required by citizens.  This is also a lot like how medicine is conducted currently… one dose per person no matter how old or how big or small. In contrast genetic studies like this one disprove that there is equal risk and equal treatment or prevention for each individual.  23 and me has found that one or three vaccines will not have the same risks or benefits for every person who gets the vaccine. Human Genetics is the basis of variation in diagnosis and treatment  in medicine, and now has touched all of us with a one size fits all answer to a pandemic, leaving some people to make an uneducated decision to avoid all vaccines and treatments because they know the government should not be practicing medicine, and the other extreme of people who follow all recommendations of governmental medicine who then suffer the side effects and or worse from the solutions they demand (vaccines).

Let me assure you that we are all genetically different and there are certain genes that cause us to be more or less susceptible to a disease, virus or bacteria and all diseases. That is what this blog is about.  My mission is to help you make an educated decision based on what we know and what we don’t about the vaccines that are being required of us, and the disease that can also harm us.

Governmental medicine, that has been dictating our personal medical care for 2 years, assumes we are all the same and therefore they have the same answer for each of us.  We now know that that is not the case.  Some people have genetics that prevent them from even getting Covid, and that same genetic snip will protect a person from getting symptoms from it even if she or he gets infected with the virus. Other groups of people have pieces of their genetics called snips that cause them to be more likely to have a bad case of Covid or even die from it.  Having the government give you advice as to your individual health is a bad idea. We need to have advice that is specific to our situation.  That means telling us the truth about our genetic susceptibility to any infection that is considered an epidemic or pandemic.

In the research by 23 and Me combined with other genetic companies, the pandemic which has halted our world for two years now has been found to be an individual type of virus that affects each of us differently.  Let me describe some of the things they have found out about the Covid infection and our unique response to vaccines.

..people react differently to vaccines, noting that those who previously had COVID-19, as well as women and younger. people reacted the strongest to the vaccine.

The Genetics Behind the Different Reactions to Covid 19 Vaccines (Nov 9. 2021)

 We found that some variants in a complex of genes involved in immune response are associated with being more likely to have a strong (bad) reaction to the vaccine and some make it less likely.

 I am one of the 23 and me customers who volunteered my time to answer questions for 1 ½ years about my exposure to Covid 19, my lack of infection when I was exposed and my reactions to the vaccines that I took.

 “That (participation) has allowed our scientists to quickly explore how genetics plays a role in the susceptibility and. severity of COVID-19. We’ve also looked at other aspects of the pandemic like its impact on sleep, physical activity, and how it has hit some communities harder than others. In this latest study, we looked at the factors associated with “reactogenicity”, or how noticeable a person’s response was to the vaccine.”

 They found a strong association between variations in the HLA genes—the human leukocyte antigen complex, which is involved in immunity, and are what is tested to find out if your tissue type is compatible for an organ transplant.

These genes encode for a number of proteins that make up the major-histocompatibility complex, which is on the frontline of your immune system’s infection recognition system. These results. show that variations in the HLA complex are related to the degree to which one feels ill after vaccination.”

All three vaccines work by teaching your immune response to recognize the virus and they act quickly to attack and kill the virus it is protecting you from.  So why do some people feel very sick after a vaccine, and others feel nothing?

The 23 and me findings suggest the primary function of HLA molecules is to present foreign antigens on the cell surface in order to elicit an immune response.  As such, the HLA plays a key role in presenting the proteins derived from the vaccine to the immune system.

Because of this some HLA types (your genetic type) carry a strong (negative) reaction to the vaccines and others little or no reaction.  Therefore, when you combine a prior history of Covid 19 infection + younger age + female sex + certain HLA types you find that these individuals have severe side effects to the vaccines.

But what HLA types did we find to cause more severe side effects?

This is the table in the 23 and me article:  The first and last HLA type do not have severe side effects from the Covid Vaccines.  The three in the middle do have a high risk of severe consequences of taking the vaccine.  It doesn’t mean no one in the first and last group will have a side is just a CHANCE of not having a side effect.  That is the other problem in medicine—nothing is a sure thing…and if you are the one that gets the disease, then it is 100%.

I think knowing the risks of vaccination for each individual vs the risk of getting the disease we are trying to prevent, will give each of us an educated idea of what to do for ourselves. To do this we need to have all the information….the side effects that are possible, and the ones that we are more at risk for individually.  The study of our genetics would make us prepared next time to guide patients with specific snips to get one treatment, while someone else may not need it or would have a low risk of getting the infection at all, and then the vaccine would not be necessary.  This pandemic was our warning shot….genetic study will be the gateway to all of us surviving the next round.

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