Good News from the National Institute of Health about Testosterone Replacement

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The benefits of testosterone replacement have been validated by the National Institute of Health.

Like the Greek legend of Sisyphus, Dr. Maupin and I have been pushing the rock of Hormone Replacement up the hill of FDA resistance and the resistance of the medical community in general. It seems that physicians who were trained over twenty years ago were trained to believe that replacing hormones was not a necessary or good thing. Many of them resist it when their patients tell them that they are going to see Dr. Maupin for testosterone replacement. They warn of strokes, heart attacks, and prostate cancer (for men). Sadly current research has debunked all of these claims as we have demonstrated in many of our previous Healthcasts.  A lot of doctors are so busy doing their job that they are not able to stay current on new research except possibly in their own focused field. They just remember what they were taught in med school. Twenty- five years ago and more, the research had not been done and what they were taught was the standard of care. Now that is changing and we have good news to share today!

The National Institute of Health has just released some studies that they have done supporting hormone replacement of Testosterone in men age 65 and older, who have low testosterone amounts. They were seeking to determine if this replacement would help men with mood issues, low sexual drives and mobility. They did not examine testosterone and women and they did not use pellets in their research. However they did use gels and they DID find that when they brought testosterone back to young healthy levels in men these men improved in two of the three areas, most specifically in libido and sexual function!

Dr. Maupin’s practice has found through experience with literally thousands of patients, both men and women, that by replacing your testosterone back to young healthy levels (through the use of bio-identical pellets), it is possible to restore energy, muscle mass, and libido.  The research released by the NIH now supports this data. Be sure to let your doctor know that there is research that has been done and that is now accepted  by the NIH.  Hopefully this will help them open their minds to the use of replacement testosterone and other hormones back to young youthful levels so that you can recover your life!

We do not have to grow old and decrepit without the ability to walk and stand without assistance. We can maintain our energy our interest and our vivacity as we age. We can also maintain our libido and be able to function sexually well into old age. It is no longer our destiny to have to go to a body storage facility and wait to die. We can live as long as we live.

If you have begun to notice that your quality of life is declining, that you do not have the energy to do anything that your mood is depressed, your memory impaired, your sex drive is gone, that you have balance and strength loss, you should consider checking to see if the problems are caused by the loss of testosterone. Go to our web site and look at the research and at the checklists of symptoms to see if replacing your lost hormones (particularly testosterone) would be something for you and your doctor to consider.

While we strongly suggest that you do not just go to one of the high volume mass practice clinics that offer testosterone to men but rather that you go to a physician who has studied what is involved and received training in diagnosis and treatment of Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome and who uses bio-identical testosterone to treat the frailties of aging. Go to a physician who has the knowledge and will take the time to spend with you to know both you and your medical history. For best results you want a doctor who will monitor your progress, and work with you in a symptom based focus to alleviate those symptoms and help you be able to age in a way that will improve your chances of living an active and complete life until the end of your days.

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author.  

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