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The difference between growth hormone abuse and its use as treatment for the elderly.

In episode 144 of the BioBalance Healthcast we discuss the government’s role in the control and distribution and usage of hormones for replacement. As people age, their natural production of various hormones begins to decline. There is ample data to show that the replacement of these hormones by bioidentical hormones is medically and scientifically effective and safe. Replacing some of these hormones helps people fight deteriorating health and disease. Replacing testosterone and estrogen can ward off Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, loss of libido, heart disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes and many other debilitating and costly illnesses. The net goal for the replacement of these hormones is to help people lead full and active lives without diseases as they age.

These hormones are regulated by the federal government. The government controls the distribution process, the legality of physicians to prescribe the hormones, and limits what the doctors can do to help their aging patients, by restricting the replacement of our own natural hormone as if they were habit forming narcotics, which of course they are not. We are careful to emphasize that we are not opposed to governmental regulations of medicines and dangerous substances. However, we are opposed to the political manipulation of the access and distribution of drugs, by non-medical individuals and for the purpose of shifting business and money to certain pharmaceutical companies. The government has placed all the power to pull bioidentical drugs and compounded medications from the sleves of pharmacies on a whim. This power over life and death is in the hands of not an elected politician but by a political appointee, the Secretary of Health and Human Services. When individuals who are politically appointed use their position to promote their own particular biases (toward pharmaceutical companies), and use their power to resist or deny the effectiveness of medications backed by medical research and the opinions of skilled doctors who have the best interests of their patients in mind, problems occur.

We want our listeners to become actively aware of new legislation that will put limits on their ability to obtain bioidentical testosterone and estrogen. We want you to actively communicate with your physician and your government to support your right to obtain necessary and safe medications such as compounded HRT.

This legislation can only be passed into law because the way the bill is written buries its true purpose. You almost have to be a detective to find the part that gives all the power for our health and future quality of life to one person, appointed by the current president. Politicians are the source of the spread of misinformation and disinformation who only talk about part of a proposed bill to the people who elected them, and hide or don’t discuss the whole truth among the populace. How could the replacement of testosterone or estrogen or even growth hormone become a political issue, and when did we become the pawns of a political plan to run our health and happiness? Politicians misrepresent hormones, placing then into a category of high risk “drugs” because they are misused by athletes. They want to make hormones an evil thing for everyone, when it is only the young who abuse them and it is only the aging that need them. It is as ridiculous as banning all books because some of them are nasty, or support revolution. Why are we more interested in the freedom of speech than we are the freedom to obtain medications that we need? Doctors are trained and licensed to obtain and prescribe these bio identical hormones for the better health of their patients. Lets let them do their job and leave it in the hands of experts not politicians.

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