Hormone Replacement FAQ Part 1

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Questions our hormone replacement patients ask.

In episode 148 of the BioBalance Healthcast week we are talking about the questions patients frequently ask to determine if hormone replacement therapy is right for them. People come to BioBalance Health because they suffer from a variety of symptoms and events that cause them to realize that something is wrong with them. Some are suffering from fatigue, some from a loss of libido, many because they feel like they are just not themselves. They remember being able to move faster without pain and being able to think clearly and access their short term and long term memory without confusion and delay. In general, my patients just want to get their lives back.

I spend time during our consultation listening to what brought them to BioBalance Health, and I ask them questions to supplement the information I know from their medical forms and blood test results. I want to get a picture of who they are and how they live their lives so I can advise them on how to optimize their health with bioidentical hormone pellets — testosterone for men and women, and estradiol for women. I want to know what they expect in health improvements from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy so I can steer their treatment in the right direction. Most patients love the process of telling their story and getting their questions answered.

I ask my patients how will they will live their life when they feel healthy. Most say they want their old lives — or at least their old bodies — back. It usually means they have a combination of desires to restore the spring in their step, and the alertness and spark in their lives physically, mentally, and sexually. We work on a treatment and a dosage plan that will help them achieve the maximum result possible.

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