What to say when your primary care doctor questions your use of Bio-Identical Hormones.

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Pellets are mysterious to most doctors and drug reps, so they just tell patients they are “dangerous” or useless to scare patients from using them.

Primary doctors who practice general medicine, generally don’t know anything about hormones and or worse yet their information is old because they haven’t read anything about hormones in the last 30 years.  Medical schools are terrible at hormone education even now.  Bio-identical hormones have been prescribed as long as I have been practicing medicine, however medical education only teaches about FDA approved drugs and the FDA only approves drugs that make a massive amount of money for BIG PHARMA.  The FDA is hires ex-Big Pharma MEN who only approve of the drugs that are made by big pharma.  Bio-identical pellets are as close to your own body’s hormones and are made from yams, so they are not a “new” drug made in a chemistry lab. They can’t be patented. BI hormones will never be FDA approved because they are “natural”, therefore PCPs who are only educated by drug reps who bring medication samples to their office, are trained to hate the competition BI hormones create to the FDA approved drugs.  Pellets are mysterious to most doctors and drug reps, so they just tell patients they are “dangerous” or useless to scare patients from using them.

A bigger threat to Big Pharma is that BI Pellets make people healthier, so my patients don’t need as many other drugs. This is a huge threat tp the bottom line of Big Pharma!  Health is not the goal of the FDA.  Your tax dollars pay for their misinformation and for them to ban good and effective medications…They are not altruistic, and we are not in charge of our health anymore. The FDA has a big voice, and it brainwashes mainstream doctors with lies about BI hormones (the competition) of their previous employers, Big Pharma!

This misinformation is what we are going to combat by arming you with the TRUTH!  I am going to tell you what to tell your doctor when he or she tries to dissuade you from using your BI pellets that have healed you, gotten you off many FDA drugs, and are making your lifespan and health-span longer!  Please help us with our battle to educate women and doctors by giving you answers to your doctor’s comments meant to make you fearful and control you.  

The following questions and answers are examples of how to educate and respond to your PCP if they attempt to scare you off your pellet therapy. If your physician doesn’t listen, then walk away and find another doctor. Close-minded doctors are bad for your health!

1 – Does estrogen cause breast cancer? NO!

It has been proven that estradiol doesn’t cause breast cancer.  The WHI revision statement says that estradiol decreases both the incidence and severity of breast cancer.  It is Provera (not pure BI progesterone) that causes both breast cancer and heart disease.  More research has been done that confirms this.  We use Testosterone pellets in combination with Anastrozole (Arimidex® an anti-breast cancer drug that lowers the dangerous type of estrogen ESTRONE!).  BioBalance protects our patients by combining testosterone with anastrozole and decreases the risk of getting all types of cancer including breast cancer. Testosterone pellets (not other forms) increase T killer cells and T Helper cells to kill cancer!

Remember, when I say “decreases your risk” it doesn’t mean that no one in our practice gets breast cancer.  We don’t wipe out breast cancer with Estradiol and Testosterone pellets, but we prevent many cases of breast cancer and if our patients get breast cancer it is less aggressive than if they were not on pellets.

2 – Does testosterone cause prostate cancer? NO!

Dr. Abraham Morgentaler from Harvard has spent his life studying and researching both animal and human prostate cancer and its relationship to Prostate Cancer.  He has proven that Low Testosterone causes prostate cancer, not high or normal levels of pure testosterone.   It is now proven and is starting to be accepted by urologists throughout the country.  We have been following his research and advice for years! For more information please read. Testosterone for Life, by Dr. Abraham Morgentaler or Got Testosterone? Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb for more detailed information.

3 – Is there a certain age that I should stop receiving hormone pellet therapy?

Testosterone pellets make you healthier, cures a multitude of significant symptoms, and as long as you are benefitting from the pellet BI estradiol and testosterone replacement, you should continue receiving it. Testosterone pellets for men and women have been found to prevent many diseases of aging like heart disease, sarcopenia (frailty), dementia, Parkinson’s disease, autoimmune diseases and many others. We have treated patients as old as 93 and as young as 30 (women after total hysterectomies) and men age 18 with a genetic disease called Klinefelter’s syndrome.

Replacing your testosterone and both estradiol and testosterone for women is just giving you back the hormones you had when you were young.  It doesn’t cause a risk of getting future diseases, and it helps prevent from cancer. There is absolutely no age or reason to stop taking testosterone or estradiol with pellets. Dr. Maupin and her husband have been on pellet for almost 20 years, and they are not stopping until they die!

4 – My PCP thinks it’s dangerous to take testosterone replacement.

Testosterone is the safest hormone women and men can take if it is prescribed by a knowledgeable anti-aging physician.  Women have three times as much testosterone as estradiol when we are young and it gives us beautiful young bodies, and a healthy sex drive, as well as protecting us from cancer as well as the diseases of aging.  Women begin to become deficient in their 40s. The Journal of Metabolism and Endocrinology has finally embraced the idea of replacing testosterone for women just last year (2020). They restrict the population who should get it to those women with sexual dysfunction (no sex drive, no orgasms, no fantasies), but I predict that they will come around to the other benefits testosterone has for women.

Doctors who know nothing about testosterone for women. say it is dangerous, but they can’t come up with what will happen if your take it that makes it dangerous!  If you ask them what will happen to you, the worst thing they can come up with is facial hair, which is easily preventable.

Instilling fear in women is how old school doctors shut us up so they don’t have to listen to our problems caused by low Testosterone! They try to scare us thinking that will stop us from taking hormones.   There is no reason to be fearful of hormones. You made them yourself for 40 years before you needed them.  Testosterone and estradiol pellets are just replacing what you lost in the most physiologically similar way to when your body made it.  Ask them to read the Journal of Metabolism and Endocrinology Fall of 2020 and winter 2021 or the book, The Secret Female Hormone.

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author.   www.BioBalanceHealth.com  (314) 993-0963

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