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Female hormone replacement using testosterone pellets.


Most of the questions we at BioBalance Health® get about pellets come from our female patients.  This is partially because women are more interested in the way hormones work, and we have three hormones to balance instead of just one for men, which is more complicated, and women have a history of caretaking with their children, and they want to understand their symptoms.  In general, most of my male patients just want their energy, muscles and erections back….so they usually cut to the chase and ask when will this start working?

The questions from women are often answered on our website and in my book The Secret Female Hormone but often women need quick answers to their questions.  In our FAQs that’s what we offer…..just the facts, ma’me!”  The following are questions and answers to the frequently asked questions from women.

1.What is the difference between Estrogen and Testosterone deficiency symptoms? Many of my patients get confused about the difference between testosterone and estrogen deficiency.  A patient may say,” I need more estrogen in my pellets because my sex drive isn’t as good as it should be.” Well, she has it backwards, only testosterone can stimulate your sex drive and everything sexual.  Estrogen is not the hormone that is in charge of that function. Because of the many misconceptions and possible misunderstandings between doctors and patients it is important for a woman to know which hormone does what!

Estradiol pellets treat:

Estradiol pellets treat hot flashes, a dry vagina, painful intercourse, dry skin and thinning hair.

Testosterone pellets treat:

Testosterone pellets treat the symptoms of low libido, anorgasmia, insomnia, depression, fatigue, loss of muscle mass, weight gain, belly fat accumulation, immune system abnormality, migraine headaches, autoimmune diseases, dry eyes, mental decline, loss of stamina, loss of motivation, tight skin, and some causes of anemia.


2.Why should I get Pellets? I thought we were supposed to age “gracefully?

Women are often skeptical about why they just shouldn’t age “gracefully”.  It is natural to grow old, frail and pass away, but it is not healthy to do so.  Lack of the hormones testosterone and estradiol are the trigger that begins the aging process, and sickness follows.

Replacing the hormones testosterone and estradiol prevent many of the diseases and conditions of aging:

  • Frailty
  • Osteoporosis
  • Heart Disease,
  • Adult-Onset Diabetes
  • Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Depression,
  • Cancer
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Poor skin tone
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness from Loss of muscle mass

Avoiding these diseases, and these symptoms that go with aging are the reasons that testosterone and estradiol pellets can change the course of a woman’s health-span and save her energy and productivity.


3.Why are pellets superior to estrogen and testosterone patches, shots and pills? Or why do you only use estradiol and testosterone pellets? 

Pellets are made from yams into pure hormone, and they recreate the hormonal environment that we had when we were young.  They are a long-acting form of hormone (2-6 months) so depending on patients irregular dosing is not an issue; They are not oral or transdermal, so they don’t convert into estrone, the dangerous estrogen.  They are delivered directly into the bloodstream. Unlike other delivery systems, pellets allow your body to take as much testosterone as you need at a given moment, because they are bio-identical and because of their delivery system, women feel better on pellets than any other form of estrogen and testosterone replacement, and they are the safest form of estradiol and testosterone replacement.  Why would I recommend anything else?

We will continue next week with more frequently asked questions that both our female and male patients ask us at BioBalance Health®.



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