The questions people ask that have not tried testosterone or estrogen pellets.

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Questions and concerns from people who are considering hormone replacement using pellets.

Both men and women have questions about our testosterone and estradiol pellets.  I have compiled a group of the most important questions that patients ask before they have gotten BioBalance Pellets.

#1. Can I take testosterone pellets if I am not menopausal (still cycling)?

Yes.  Most women begin treatment sometime after they turn 40, or when their ovaries are surgically removed.  Testosterone from the ovary disappears before menopause, and it should be replaced when a woman becomes symptomatic.


#2 How is pellet dosage calculated?

We recreate the normal daily production of testosterone and estradiol by young ovary and deliver that dose times the number of days your pellets will last. This dose is then adjusted for body weight, height, exercise frequency, and medications you are taking. We then adjust dose based on symptom resolution.


#3 How long will my pellets last?

It takes about 3-4 weeks to get the full effect from the pellets on the first dose. After reinsertion of the pellets, the pellets effect on symptoms occurs within 1-7 days if they are reinserted at the normal interval, 4 months for women and 6 months for men.


#4 Where are pellets inserted?

In women we place them in the upper outer quadrant of the hip about 1-1.5 centimeters below the skin, in fat where the pellets dissolve and the hormones are picked up by capillaries. In men the pellets can be placed in the same area of the hip or in the “love handles” if they have too little fat in their hips.


#5 What happens to the pellets when they are used up?

The pellets completely dissolve in the body.


#6 Do estradiol or testosterone pellets cause weight gain?

Testosterone increases the thickness of bones and size of muscles, so they increase lean body mass, but testosterone also decreases amount of fat in the body and decreases % body fat, at the same time. In general women taking pellet hormones lose size before they actually lose weight after 9-12 months as long as they follow our directions for lifestyle changes. Remember it is more important to achieve a smaller size than to weigh less.


#7 How long can I take pellets?

You can take pellet hormone replacement as long as you desire to receive the benefits that they have given you: energy, youthful sex drive and mood, treatment for arthritis, osteopenia, weight loss, clear thinking as well as many more healthy benefits that testosterone pellets can provide.

Bio-identical pellet replacement is the closest thing to our natural youthful hormones that one can receive as hormone replacement. By receiving both estradiol and testosterone in the form of pellets, prevents many of the diseases of aging. We treat patients into their 90’s at Biobalance Health®. Dr. Maupin and her husband will be receiving pellets as long as they are alive.


#8 What diseases can be delayed or avoided if I take testosterone pellets? 

The diseases of aging that testosterone can delay of prevent include Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Auto-immune diseases, Fibromyalgia, Immune Deficiencies, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Frailty, Heart Disease and Stroke, Type II Diabetes, Obesity, and Insulin Resistance.


#9 If I have Type 2 diabetes will testosterone help me normalize my blood sugar?

Yes. Testosterone is very safe for diabetics and those people who have prediabetes, in fact testosterone generally increases insulin sensitivity which will decrease triglycerides and stabilize blood glucose. It will improve the status of your diabetes and help you lose weight by increasing muscle mass, so you burn more calories each day.


#10 Does testosterone improve depression and anxiety?

Yes. It improves mood and, in some circumstances, can replace anti-depressants (which decrease libido) after only one or two doses of pellets. This is possible if your anxiety and or depression began after age 40, when testosterone began to become deficient.

As you can see the benefits of taking testosterone for both sexes, and testosterone plus estradiol for women can make the quality of life after age 40 much better and delay or avoid disease. The only thing preventing most people who suffer symptoms after 40 is the fatigue and lack of motivation that comes with low testosterone.  If you can get past that roadblock then you can reenergize your life by getting the hormones you need in the safest way, with pellets.

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This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author.  (314) 993-0963


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