FAQs: How Do Testosterone Pellets Affect Other Diseases and Conditions, and Vice Versa

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Fear of the unknown may be the greatest threat to your current quality of life, and your future health.

Do testosterone pellets cause breast cancer?

No. Testosterone pellets improve the immune system function so you can fight all types of cancers more easily than before you started treatment.


I am a breast cancer survivor: Can I take bio-identical testosterone pellets?

Yes.  This is the safest form of hormone replacement and can take the place of estrogen to treat symptoms of estrogen deficiency like hot flashes and painful intercourse.  Testosterone also improves your immune system so you can fight abnormal cells, pre-cancer and cancer cells, so they don’t grow.  Testosterone pellets stimulate the production of T-killer cells that kill cancer cells.


Do BioBalance testosterone pellets cause blood clots?



Do BioBalance Health estradiol pellets cause blood clots?

No. Estrogen that is non-oral does not cause blood clots, however circumstances like long airline flights can cause blood clots in anyone!


If I have used alcohol to excess or drugs like marijuana in the past, will I get the same effect as other women?

No.  Both alcohol and marijuana quicken the break-down of testosterone and estradiol. You will likely consume (metabolize) the testosterone pellets more quickly than other people because your liver is hyper-activated to metabolize testosterone with the same enzymes that metabolize alcohol and drugs.  In addition, marijuana increases the production of the hormone prolactin, the hormone that increases breast size in men and women. Prolactin not only decreases your testosterone level but decreases your sex drive, and sexual stamina.  It is your responsibility to tell us about your medical marijuana and alcohol use so we can adjust your testosterone dose.


Can I take birth control pills with testosterone pellets?

We strongly suggest that you do not take oral birth control pills, because they dampen the effects of the testosterone pellets.  Instead of oral contraceptives we encourage our patients to get a Mirena IUD or permanent birth control (like a tubal ligation or have their husbands get a vasectomy) instead of taking the pill. Many women who insist on continuing the pill (we are located in the Show-Me state) are disappointed that their symptom resolution is not complete, and they decide to change to a Mirena IUD or a tubal ligation for birth control.  Of course, no birth control is needed after menopause.


What other medications inactivate or interact negatively with estradiol and testosterone pellets?

We suggest you look for alternative medications for the following drugs: All corticosteroids such as prednisone, Medrol dosepak, tamoxifen, progestins (not progesterone) like Provera, DHEA that is not 7-keto DHEA, other hormones given orally like oral contraceptives, as well as anti-depressants and drugs for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, which suppress the libido. We do not suggest you avoid or stop taking these medications, but we do help you find alternatives in certain circumstances.


How do cholesterol-lowering drugs affect my testosterone level?

Testosterone is made from cholesterol in the ovaries and testes.  When you take cholesterol-lowering drugs, you decrease the substrate that testosterone is made of, and generally decrease the level of testosterone. In your body if you are making it yourself, not if we are giving you testosterone pellets. We have found that testosterone pellet replacement lowers cholesterol blood levels so that statins are often not needed after treatment.


What can I do about my belly fat that started to increase after I turned 40?

First you should replace your estrogen with non-oral estradiol and testosterone in the form of pellets.  This is the only form of hormone replacement that brings the level of estrone back to young healthy levels, and lower estrone decreases the amount of belly fat.

If you are having trouble losing belly fat and have already accomplished the above, then take DIM ES 250 mg per day with food, Iodoral (iodine to bump your thyroid activity), eat 6 small meals a day with high protein and low carb, exercise by doing interval training, and always work out your abs by doing sit-ups and core exercises, like Pilates.  As a last resort, after you have achieved your ideal weight and that fat won’t budge (small set of cases) from your abdomen, we offer radio frequency treatments called Juvashape and iLipo to dissolve the fat around the waistline.


Under what circumstances would I have to stop BioBalance Health® pellets?

About 5 % of our patients are not “cured” for the problems they came to BioBalance Health ® to treat, or they have a side effect from the pellets that does not fit their lifestyle, such as re-igniting their libido when they are unmarried or do not want a sex drive.

Patients with Chronic Fatigue are helped by testosterone replacement, but they may not feel the complete resolution of symptoms as quickly as women who do not have that illness. These patients may not feel they are completely treated so they cease pellets. Women who have psychiatric illnesses and are on multiple medications may not feel as healthy as women who do not have those illnesses or take these medications. Lastly, if a patient develops breast cancer, then the estradiol pellets are not continued if they have estrogen receptor positive breast cancer, however testosterone pellets are continued because they are safe and improve the immune system that fights all types of cancer.


What if my genetics make me prone to convert testosterone into estrone (old lady estrogen)?

After the first pellets, we find that you are genetically prone to convert testosterone into estrone we prescribe a drug called Arimidex® (anastrazole) which blocks the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen (called an aromatase inhibitor).  It is used off -label for this indication, however it was originally intended for prevention and treatment of breast cancer.  We can use anastrazole/testosterone pellets or prescribe anastrazole orally. As an alternative DIM is a supplement that is weaker than the prescription anastrazole, however it works very well for most women.

I hope these FAQs can help you decide whether you need bio-identical testosterone pellets.

I believe that most women over the age of 40 require testosterone replacement, to lead a healthy and full life, complete with a healthy sex drive and productivity.  Fear of the unknown is the greatest threat to your current quality of life and your future health. I hope answering nagging questions help you decide to replace your missing hormones.


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