How To Detox On Your Vacation

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Toxins are everywhere, and as we continue to industrialize we increase the number of toxins.

You can use your vacation to actually get healthier by detoxing during your time off work.  We often go on vacation to recharge, and then do the exact opposite…play too hard, and stay up too late, drink and eat too much of the wrong things.  The end result is that you come home fatigued and have a “battery” that is not charged, and not ready to go back to work.

You can actually take a few days off at home to rest and clear the toxins (alcohol) from your system, or you can use some universally accepted detox methods during your vacation, or if you have a stay-cation, go back to work, refreshed.

Here is the straight story about toxins…they are everywhere and the more we industrialize, the more toxins we are surrounded by. They come from our water, food, drink and air.  You can’t be alive without collecting toxins in your body.  We can rid ourselves of toxins in several ways:

Our liver and kidney do the work for a limited amount of toxin, but when we are overwhelmed with toxins (every day) we store it in fat.  The more fat you have, the more you store!

Losing weight is a great way to mobilize toxins from fat into the bloodstream, and then what?  We can use some extra methods to remove toxins—sweating is one of the best and most natural ways to remove toxins.  People who sweat are healthier than those who don’t!

So let me summarize the ways to mobilize toxins, and then the ways to get rid of them (poop them out!).

 Mobilization from fat:

  • Sweat
  • Exercise= sweat plus fat loss
  • Sauna with heat or Infrared for ½ hour or more
  • I-lipo machine that melts fat and mobilizes it
  • Cryo machine—freeze your fat in a small cold room
  • Weight loss medications


Rid your body of the toxins from the fat

  • Lymph massage + exercise
  • Exercise > 20 minutes
  • Activated Charcoal after exercise
  • Glutathione after exercise
  • Vitamin C 2-3 gms of vitamin C
  • Calcium D glucarate
  • Water with electrolytes

 So for your health while you are detoxing, I recommend taking this cocktail after exercise, timing is important because activated charcoal should not be taken with the other nutrients because it will grab them up.  Take the activated charcoal, then an hour later the other nutrients.

BioBalance has a very effective weight loss + Detox program that combines the two steps of detox with fat loss.  I-lipo melts and empties fat cells in the areas you choose to lose fat, like sculpting your body.  Then we have you get on a recumbent bike at the office or an elliptical machine and exercise for more than 30 minutes.  After words you will take activated charcoal and an hour later the vitamins above.   The toxins are released into the bowel and excreted.  You may have black stools or loose stools but that is the bad stuff coming out.

Remember that exercise, moderation in alcohol (which gives you more toxins!), drink lots of water, and sweat if possible!

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author.

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