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A recent article in the Journal of Gender Specific Medicine dealt with hyperadrogenism, a condition I refer to in my soon to be published book as “testosterone deficiency syndrome.”

Testosterone deprivation syndrome occurs in both women and men. In women, it happens after 40 when our bodies are making too little testosterone which causes us to feel less than our best. When this happens, we hit a wall. If your ovaries are removed that’s it, you hit that wall immediately no matter what age you are.

Unfortunately, testosterone is only approved for use in male patients in most countries. However, the article makes the point that women are still getting it and its popularity continues to grow. Although testosterone is marketed towards men, women realize it’s use and importance in their own body. They want to be just as healthy as their male counterparts. Although it is FDA approved, there is no labeled option for women. Physicians have to refer female patients to a compounding pharmacy to have their prescription for testosterone made.

The article goes on to say that although TDS won’t necessarily cause death, women recognize the benefits of treating it for more than just libido. Other conditions such as depression and bone density are results of TDS and treating these are just as important as treating a diminished sex drive. TDS leads to many conditions such as memory loss, sarcopenia (or loss of bone density) and diminished sex drive. By replacing testosterone in women, these things are not only recovered, but more serious conditions such as dementia can be offset for 10-20 years.

It is important to be healthy, and with testosterone replacement therapy, women can have the same medical options as men and the ability to enjoy their older years.

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