Insomnia Caused by Low Testosterone

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Testosterone Shortage can cause Insomnia

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On episode 30 of the BioBalance Healthcast Brett Newcomb and I discuss the type of insomnia caused by low testosterone. We describe the symptoms and specific causes and effects of insomnia, and the fact that that this type of insomnia can be treated with bioidentical hormone pellets.

Insomnia resulting from a lack of testosterone can occur in women in their 40s and men in their 50. When patients come to Dr. Maupin complaining about insomnia, they usually mention that they wake up unrefreshed. Some patients attribute the tired feeling to hot flashes, but hot flashes are caused by low estrogen, not low testosterone. Testosterone caused insomnia and associated fatigue can precede menopause.

The unrefreshed feeling comes from not getting to the stage of sleep that heals the body. Fatigue can cause irritability and crankiness, which is part of what gives menopause the reputation of making people difficult to be with. Insomnia can seriously affect the quality of life and cause relationship problems.

Doctors often treat insomnia incorrectly, giving patients drugs that either don’t work or work only partially or temporarily. The problem is solved by replacing the testosterone the body is no longer making.

Tinnitus, a loss of hearing or ringing in the ear can be caused by low levels of testosterone. Proper level of testosterone provides stimulates the fluid in joints and in the inner ear.

Find more symptoms of menopause described on the BioBalance Health website. The website also includes information about men’s symptoms of low testosterone, otherwise known as andropause.

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