Lost Libido is Restored with Testosterone Replacement

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Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss the common occurrence of the diminished sex drive that is a symptom of aging in women. They hear testimonials from BioBalance patients and discuss how bioidentical hormone pellet can be used to treat this major complication.

In this podcast titled, “Lost Libido is Restored with Testosterone Replacement,” we are very fortunate to have testimonials from several BioBalance Health pellet patients. These individuals discuss both the symptoms that lead them to seek treatment and the results of the treatments that they received. They believe that the bioidentical hormone pellet treatment that they receive from BioBalance Health is responsible for a significant improvement in their health and, in particular, their libido and all that it involves.

If you have had a chance to read our book, The Secret Female Hormone, you will have learned that as we age, our body’s production of testosterone starts to diminish. Testosterone is one of the critical hormones that our bodies manufacture. As testosterone is, in part, responsible for is our libido, many women approaching menopause have found that their sexual desire has simply faded away. They did not notice it leaving but they find that their partners are upset and distressed because they are no longer sexually responsive or interested in the same ways as before. Their partners (unless they have read our book, as well) do not understand why this has happened. It can lead to relational problems due to the imbalance presented by this major change in the sexual relationship.

When these individuals discover the source of the problem—and that it’s entirely treatable, they are excited to take the steps to restore their sex drives and the vitality of their sexual relationships.

Watch this week’s podcast to learn more about how this happens and why. Hear from real people about how it impacts their lives and their marriages. You will be well-rewarded for the few minutes this takes. It will allow you to ask yourself some pertinent and important questions about your own libido and about its impact on the relationships you are in.

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