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Dr. Maupin and Brett explain the lab test required at BioBalance Health to become a hormone replacement patient.

In this second Healthcast we review the fifteen lab tests that are standard for Dr. Maupin to obtain prior to treatment. She walks us through each of the tests and tells us why she orders them, what she looks for, and what the data tells her in relationship to this particular patient.

Our desire in presenting these two Healthcasts is to make physicians who are interested in becoming anti aging specialists to understand the complexity and the importance of proceeding with training with Drs. Maupin and Sullivan. We also hope that those of you who are have symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency will come to us or one of the doctors who have had all three levels of training with us.

BioBalance Health Physician Training Program

Dr. Maupin wants to share her knowledge and expertise with those like-minded physicians who want to be on the cutting edge of positive aging medicine. She has developed an affiliate training program, to be offered in St. Louis, Missouri in 2015 for doctors who want to become a BioBalance Health Affiliate.

We have constructed a Modular program for training Doctors and their Nurses in the rubrics of pellet insertion, dosage determination, and troubleshooting problematic health conditions and or patient concerns subsequent to the insertion of pellets subcutaneously. You can choose any or all of the Modules we offer, based on your own unique circumstances.

Our first Module is focused on teaching you through hands- on and participatory opportunities to see real patients, and observe their interactions with our staff as the staff prepares to insert their pellets. You will see the interview process and the insertion process and before you are finished, you will have experience in inserting pellets yourself.  We think the opportunity to follow Dr. Maupin and her staff as they do the things they do everyday will be the best way to introduce you to BioBalance Health.

In addition to observing and participating in hands -on learning experiences with real patients, you will also be given classroom instruction with interactive discussions about the entire process of determining the appropriateness of Hormone Replacement Therapy with pellets for specific clients, the determination of the dosage, the focus on the resolution of presenting symptoms, the construction and ordering of pellets tailor made for your individual patients, the regulatory requirements and concerns of state and federal agencies, and some exposure to the problem solving and troubleshooting expertise of Dr. Maupin.

If you desire, upon the completion of the two and a half day training in our St. Louis offices, your connection to BioBalance Health and Dr. Maupin will be complete. You will be trained and ready to go out and begin a pellet based HRT program in your own offices. However, should you desire further training in the other aspects of our BioBalance Health operations, we can provide a second Module focused on operations and management of a cash based pellet practice. We would, at your request, train both you and your office manager in the intricacies of managing an independent, stand -alone HRT practice to supplement your existing practice.

Finally, if you desire, we can offer you a Module based on the opportunity to become a BioBalance Affiliate. As an Affiliate, you would benefit from BioBalance Marketing and from the continuing ability to use Dr. Maupin and the other BioBalance Affiliates as resources for problem solving. BioBalance Affiliates receive updates on protocols for office management, patient care, regulatory requirements and changes and they are listed by photo and bio on our web site as Affiliates.

Affiliates receive referrals of patients in their geographic area that contact us due to our marketing efforts. We maintain a vigorous social media operation, and we are happy for our Affiliates to participate and benefit from our efforts in this domain.

A word about costs: we are not a mass market or turnstile operation. We focus on the independent practice of medicine, not owned or supervised by insurance companies, hospitals, or large corporate franchise systems. We want you to have the time to practice medicine in the old fashioned way, spending the necessary time with your patients and having the success of increasing their healthy and secure their independent functioning for the entirety of their health span. We want you to be able to do this without elaborate bureaucratic structures and interference from outside agencies. We want you within the first year and a half to reach a six-figure level of income to your practice.  This is possible, even if your interest is only in the first Module, there are no additional financial obligations to BioBalance Health. You do not have to continue to pay fees to us, or to order pellets from our sources. There are no ongoing costs to you unless and until you decide you want to participate in our other Modules.

We help you begin this journey with classes scheduled twice a year to match Dr. Maupin’s availability and the schedules of the participants of the training.  Contact us if you would be interested in taking the training.

The cost to you for this training as an independent practitioner is $10,000. If you bring a Nurse or Nurse Practitioner, the cost for each additional person is $5,000. If you select the second Module for training the cost for that will be $10,000. The second Module will show you how to reach a six figure income within a year and a half, and teach you the operating procedures that have made BioBalance Health so successful.

We pride ourselves on the ability to tailor a training program which will have you up and running at an affordable rate, knowing what you need to know to operate with confidence and success. Please contact Brett Newcomb to discuss your interest or concerns, and to register for our training class in January of 2017.

Brett Newcomb
Associate Director of Affiliate Development
Phone: (314) 348-6739
Email: [email protected]

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author.

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