Men, Testosterone Replacement Can Keep You Alive

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Exciting new research in both America and Europe proves that low testosterone levels in men over 40 can increase their risk of ED, obesity, diabetes type 2, prostate cancer, heart attack and stroke.  Recognizing these facts and replacing lost testosterone is estimated to save the American Health Care System between 295 and 525 Billion dollars over the next 20 years alone.

This month the Journal “Swiss Medical Weekly” published an article about Metabolic Syndrome and Hypogonadism (low testosterone in men) that supports the message we have been giving to our patients and to doctors for over10 years. Our point: low testosterone contributes, if not leads to important health risks in both men and women as they age. Their message: “Low testosterone levels in men appear to be an independent cardiovascular risk factor and predictor of subsequent development of metabolic syndrome.”

Click to see the complete article from the “Swiss Medical Weekly”

Testosterone Replacement prevents multiple symptoms and diseases

More and more research is beginning to focus on the problems in men’s health that happen as we age if we allow our testosterone levels to drop. We believe that the best way to prevent this loss is to replace testosterone that our bodies are no longer produce. Bioidentical testosterone pellets made specifically for us by compounding pharmacies. If men fail to replace their lost testosterone then they are at risk of developing TDS (Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome). According to the “Swiss Medical Weekly,” “TDS is a clinical syndrome characterized by low serum testosterone concentrations in combination with a set of symptoms and clinical signs. Clinical symptoms include fatigue, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, decreased energy, depressed mood and decreased sense of well-being. Objective signs include among others, changes in body composition, in the form of decreased lean body mass and increased body fat mass, weight gain, decreased bone density and anemia.” We have written our description of TDS for women in our book The Secret Female Hormone which was published by Hay House three years ago. You can check our list of symptoms and see that they are almost exactly the same!

Low T increases obesity and normal T decreases obesity:

“Evidence demonstrates that there is an inverse relationship between the degree of obesity and serum concentrations of testosterone in men.” It seems the more fat you put on your body and the less testosterone you have, the more at risk you are for things such as hypertension, high cholesterol, lowered sex drive, decreased bone density, type II Diabetes, Heart Attack and Stroke! Two goals that we stress for all out patients are weight loss and healthy body fat maintenance, and a healthy normal amount of testosterone (free).

Taking T decreases death from all causes:

Many physicians have articulated a concern regarding the potential for increased risk of mortality if men replace their lost testosterone. The Swiss Journal repeats over and over the scientific research based data showing that low testosterone is a risk for developing many different life threatening illnesses. The research is clear that if you replace your testosterone to normal levels you can avoid or resist more efficiently life threatening illnesses such as strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes type II. In addition, the erectile dysfunction that comes with lessened testosterone is also a known predictor for cardiovascular events that lead to death.

The three areas of increased risk for men who lose and do not replace their testosterone are diabetes type II, increased risk of stroke and heart attack, and obesity. In regard to the American Health Care system, the Swiss Journal estimates that there is a risk of about 2.4 million men who will develop type 2 Diabetes, and or cardiovascular disease within the next 20 years from low T. They estimate an inflation-adjusted cost of between $190-525 Billion from efforts to treat these two diseases alone without T. If we can prevent or significantly reduce the numbers of sufferers of these two diseases how much money can that save the American Health Care System and how much pain, distress and death can that save the men of America?

The article says: “there is increasing evidence indicating that high endogenous testosterone concentrations in men are associated with a more favorable cardiovascular disease risk factor profile. Men with high endogenous testosterone levels have higher high density lipoprotein cholesterol concentrations, increased insulin sensitivity, reduction of abdominal fat and lower blood pressure.”

“A study of 83,010 male veterans shows that those who received TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) with resulting normalization of testosterone levels had significantly reduced risks of all-cause mortality, myocardial infarction and stroke” So it is obvious that having men replace lost testosterone can help keep them alive, healthy and active longer!

It is paradoxical that modern American medicine is still resisting the research demonstrating that low testosterone is dangerous and replacement of lost testosterone leads to lessened risks of mortal events for men as they age. Fewer strokes, fewer heart attacks and fewer all cause deaths occur among men who replace their lost testosterone.

Finally, we must ask the question: “Why are American men not informed of this “secret”?”

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author.

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