Neo40 is a Nitric Oxide Inducer that can Improve Blood Flow to the Entire Body

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Neo40 – A supplement removes plaque in your veins, helps prevent erectile disfunction, and improves blood flow to your entire body.

Neo 40 Is a new supplement that was created by Dr. Edward Lee to stimulate the production of Nitric Oxide in blood vessels which both dilates arteries and improving blood flow. I also dissolve atherosclerotic plaque at the rate of 6-10% per 6 months of use.

In the Journal of Alternative Therapies Vol 22, NO 52 p 32 stated in the conclusion of the study:

Use of the NO (Nitric Oxide) lozenge supplement without the use of a statin shows reduction of plaque as measured by CIMT by 6.1% on the left carotid (P = .18) and 10.2% on the right carotid (P = .005) in the course of approximately 6 months. Longer term, larger trials are needed to confirm these findings.

We have been using Neo 40, this supplement, with our patients has revealed that it is very effective for reversing ED for patients on Testosterone pellets who still need help with erections, even after taking testosterone.  This supplement in the professional strength (What we have at our office) is the most effective dose and is only sold in medical professionals’ offices. In respect to erectile dysfunction, Neo 40 acts much like daily Cialis and may be more effective at reversing plaque in the arteries, which is a real coup for preventing heart disease and stroke! There are other medical conditions that respond to Neo 40.

Neo 40 treats and protects against the following medical conditions:

  • Hypertension
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Brain fog and memory problems
  • Improves blood vessel’s endothelial function
  • Renal disease

How Does Neo 40 work?

As people age, we lose the ability to produce Nitric oxide in our blood vessels, which causes “stiff arteries” that are unable to dilate.  In young arteries when you are stressed, exercising, having sex, or requiring more oxygen to any part of your body. Your blood vessels produced nitric oxide and your vessels expanded, also called dilation, to get the blood there without damaging blood vessels and without increasing blood pressure.

Until now we only had blood pressure medicines that dilated arteries and lowered blood pressure. The problem with these drugs is that that they didn’t increase nitric oxide, they just opened blood vessels and one of the side effects was the inability to have an erection!

Up until now the only medications we had access to through the FDA to increase Nitric oxide and dilate blood vessels to improve erections was Viagra and Cialis. These were recommended to treat ED with high doses before sex until recently when they were approved to increase endothelial function. These drugs come with a high price and many side effects, as well as a need for a prescription.

Before the production of Neo 40, We have not had a supplement that increased nitric oxide after age has diminished it.   Now we have a supplement, Neo 40 which actually increases Nitric Oxide (NO) in your blood vessels, which dilates arteries when your tissues need more oxygen, and which decreases the plaque you have collected in your arteries. This means that there is symptomatic relief of ED as well as treatment of your arterial plaque! All of this without a prescription!

If your vessels are stiff and cannot dilate because they don’t have enough nitric oxide (NO), then when your tissues need oxygen, your heart works harder to pushing against constricted arteries, and your blood pressure rises.  This leads to progressive disease of the heart and early death.  We now have a non-prescription medication that increases NO production and dilates the arteries which is affordable and can take the place of statins in patients with high cholesterol. This is Neo 40 which cleans up plaque instead of depositing it in arteries.

Never before have we been offered a non-prescription drug that removes plaque from blood vessels that have been damaged by plaque!  Neo 40 does that, and the above study proves it!

Where did this supplement come from?

 Neo 40 was developed over the last 18 years by Dr. Ed Lee, a famous hormone specialist.

He discovered that the component necessary for arteries to dilate and to improved brain function and sexual function, was Nitric Oxide. This chemical is produced by the endothelium (lining of the artery) and increases oxygenation to all the tissues in the body.  Dr Lee also found that this chemical decreases with age and the lack of NO causes lower oxygen delivery to every cell of the body!  Neo 40 works to increase NO in the blood vessels and takes the place of the NO your body made when you were young.  The drugs that have the same effect as Neo 40 include Viagra, Cialis, and other ED medications.  Not only does oxygenation improve by taking Neo 40 or daily low dose Cialis, but this supplement repairs the damaged lining of your arteries (endothelium) that comes with age and deposition of plaque. This treatment benefit will revolutionize vascular disease, heart and carotid disease. Neo 40 does something that Cialis does at a much higher price, and Neo 40 is non-prescription and has no side effects!

Who should take Neo 40?

  • Patients at high risk for heart disease = High Blood Pressure, High inflammation (CRP), high cholesterol and triglycerides, high Homocysteine, positive family history of heart attack and stroke, patients with atherosclerotic plaque that narrows their arteries.
  • Patients with current heart disease or who have had a stroke.
  • Patients with calcium plaque seen on their Cardiac Calcium Scan
  • Men with Erectile Dysfunction
  • Any one with Type II Diabetes or Insulin Resistance
  • Anyone who is overweight with a BMI > 25
  • Anyone with poor circulation and leg ulcers or neuropathy of the legs
  • Anyone with trouble thinking and remembering
  • Anyone who wants to be healthy, and to continue to be healthy as they age

How Do You Take Neo 40?

  • One box of Neo 40 has 60 lozenges in it
  • One Neo 40 lozenge should be held in your cheek until it dissolves. It is absorbed directly into the blood stream through your cheek
  • The first month, you should take one lozenge of Neo 40 twice a day
  • After the first month, take one Neo 40 per day
  • Erectile function and Blood Pressure improves in 2-3 months on Neo 40
  • Mental ability improves over the first month, and in young people it might improve immediately

Risks of Neo 40 supplementation:

 If you have LOW BP, Neo 40 can lower it even more and make you dizzy or tired. Make sure you take one half lozenge per day for a month and then increase to one full lozenge per day after a month

  • Have your Primary Care physician decrease the dose of your blood pressure medication when your blood pressure decreases on Neo 40.
  • If you have an allergy to beets you should not take it
  • If you take Viagra, you should only take Neo 40 if you use a single dose of Viagra no more than 100 mg, or daily low dose Cialis
  • Do not take Viagra and Neo 40 at the same time.
  • Daily Cialis and Neo 40 can be used together if the daily Cialis is not effective. It can augment the effectiveness of daily Cialis.

Neo 40 is one of the NEW GROUNDBREAKING SUPPLEMENTS that prevents one of the diseases of Aging: Shrinkage of the brain and dementia from atherosclerosis, heart disease, stroke, generalized atherosclerosis, and renal function.
















NEO 40: Nitric oxide dilates arteries throughout the body, which increases oxygen delivery to muscles, blood vessels, the brain, heart and genitals.

ONLY $47 per month – Purchase at the BioBalance Health Office – It only takes 2-3 months to see improvement!

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author.  (314) 993-0963

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