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The replacement of testosterone can both treat your symptoms and prevent the second half of your life from being non-productive.

Click on this link to order your “Got Testosterone?” audiobook: Got Testosterone? – Audiobook

Kathy: Today we are welcoming back Brett Newcomb, the co-author of our book,

Got Testosterone?, as well as co-author of our first book The Secret Female Hormone to announce the release of our third joint project, and our first audio book, Got Testosterone?

Brett: Our audio book, Got Testosterone?  has just been made available on Amazon books, Audible, and dozens of other audiobook access points.

Our book Got Testosterone? is dedicated to men, to help them get through the aging process by choosing the one most effective treatment, testosterone pellets.  We felt the need to write this book because there is a subterfuge that keeps this information from men and keeps them sick and sexless as they age.  We want men to know that the replacement of one hormone testosterone can both treat their symptoms and prevent the second half of their life from being non-productive, sexless, and filled with illness.  This book tells the truth to men and offers a plan of action for them to prevent the diseases of aging by taking Testosterone replacement with long-acting pellets.

Kathy: We are proud of this work because it is wholly ours…we wrote it, and Brett is the voice of the book as well.  In that way, we can offer our listeners a wholly homogenous work for their listening pleasure. Brett and I tried at every turn to talk to men in this audio book like they wish to be talked to—concise information, delivered in a logical fashion with a limited number of examples to make our necessary points.

I was asked many times by my patients why we would spend 3 years writing each book, and another year producing an audio version of our book for men, Got Testosterone?. I explain that with all the confusing information out there, I think it is important to  tell the truth about testosterone replacement, so men can make informed decisions about their health as they age.

When I am in my office seeing a male patient, I hand our book, “Got testosterone?” to them to read.   Many wives have told me that their husbands probably won’t read it, but they would listen to it when they are driving.  I made a decision to record an audio version of our book so that men would listen to it and receive the truth about testosterone.

Brett: We are very proud of this book.  The year it was released, 2019, Got Testosterone?, won the first place  award for men’s health books, from International Independent Publishers.  This recognition was very big for us, and it recommitted us to increasing the number of men who would access the information in our book.  Recording the audio book was the way we arrived at to bring our findings about testosterone replacement for men.

Brett: People all learn in different ways, and our audio book is for those people who learn by listening and like to listen to books as they drive or listen as they do things around their yard or as they exercise.   A book must be read or heard to educate so we decided to cover both the access points for our patients.

Kathy: It is not typical to ask one of the authors to record the voice for the book.  I chose Brett to read our book for many reasons, but the over-arching reason is that his voice is distinct and memorable. This fact was obvious when we attended medical Anti-aging conferences, and men and women alike came up to Brett to tell him how they loved listening to his voice during our Healthcasts.  That sealed the deal for me…if both men and women admired his voice..who would be better to tell our story?

Brett:  I have had quite a lot of experience in broadcasting, TV and radio.  This audiobook was an opportunity to use my experience as the voice of our book.

Kathy: Other than working with the company that distributes audiobooks, I did not do the woman’s work on the audiobook of Got Testosterone?  Brett and our audio Specialist performed the complicated task of recording, re-recording, and editing the audiobook. Brett, can you explain how an audio book is composed?

Brett:   The book professor, Nancy Erickson, ( thebookprofessor.com) referred us to an audio genius,  Aaron Reppert  (www.AaronReppert.com) of Travsonic Studios (www.travsonic.com/aaron-reppert/) , who is an expert producing audio books, and who did all the tech and editing and many, many other processes that take hours, days, and weeks of work over the past year and a half.

I got together with Aaron of Travsonic at his sound studio and spent many hours reading in a soundproof room with Aaron critiquing all the time.  He had an impressive array of screens and sound editing machines around him and he coached me, and edited and re-taped sections of each chapter. He edited everything to comply with distribution requirements and did his magic, and voila! We have an audio version of our book Got Testosterone?.

Kathy: Nancy Erickson also was integral in our process of distributing the book.  She put us in touch with a distributor, Lantern Audio Distributor, who brought our audio book to the public through many outlets, including the most well-known Apple Books, Audible, Audiobooks, Nook Audio, Google Play, Walmart in the US and throughout the worldwide with audio-press.

There was even more work that had to be done to publish our audiobook.  The book cover which was created by the COO and art director of BioBalance Health®, Joe Baalmann, had to be redrafted to fit the DVD discover dimensions.  He also made sure all the requirements of the distributor were carried out.  Behind the scenes work is often painful and unrecognized, but we were thankful for his work and talent.

Brett: The audio publishing world has stretched our experience with communication methods farther than we had imagined we would go.  Previously we successfully worked with social media, You Tube, Traditional Book Publishers and Independent Book Publishers.  The audio book was a unique experience for us.  We hope you all take advantage of being able to listen to the information we have compiled and have made available to everyone. The goal is a healthy life for men after age 40, and to prevent the symptoms and diseases of aging.

Kathy: Our goal has always been to bring patients and other doctors and Nurse Practitioners the un-tainted truth about the best and healthiest treatment for men over 40 as they age.  We think prevention of disease is the way forward in a world that is saturated with an expensive pill for every symptom, and a questionably effective treatment advertised on the internet, and on TV. being healthy throughout your life is the only way to avoid illness and the expensive, painful, and often ineffective treatments used once you are sick.  If you are over 40 and a man, or the woman or man who loves a man over 40, then please stop listening to commercials and get some truthful answers, and listen to our book, Got Testosterone?.

 Thank you for joining Brett and me for this healthcast about our new audio book for men, Got Testosterone?

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author. www.BioBalanceHealth.com(314) 993-0963.

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