New BioBalance Skin Equipment that Builds Muscle and Melts Fat – Introducing the EmSculpt®

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EmSculpt Includes two types of treatment that are used at the same time to provide two different benefits.

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EMSculpt-® is a new treatment for sculpting your body into the body you want, and we have it at BioBalance Skin®!   EmSculpt® is not for people who need to lose 100 lbs. all over, but for those of you who want to lose specific areas of fat to sculpt your body, without pain or surgery! This technology is the best there is and is very effective for building specific muscle groups and removing the fat from on top of them so you can see the actual individual muscles.

EmSculpt Includes two types of treatment that are used at the same time to provide two different benefits: the first is electromagnetic contraction of the muscles providing thousands of contractions of the muscles in the area of the body you want to build which usually increases muscle mass 25%, while the second treatment dissolves 30% of fat in the area after 4, 30-minute treatments. The treatments should be given a week apart for 4 weeks, and for 30 minutes each. You can increase the muscles in your abdomen, melt the fat and   get your

Waistline back!  If your calves are too small you can just use the EM part to increase the size of the muscle in your calf.

I’m 67 and one of the issues with getting older is the loss of muscle mass and the deposition of fat on top of the muscle so that age causes women especially, to look fluffy and soft, instead of muscled and “cut”. Worse yet, you usually gain muscle in the wrong places and lose fat where you would prefer to keep it.

Pellet therapy with testosterone makes it possible for post-menopausal women to build muscle and lose fat.  Without T, fat loss and muscle building are next to impossible after menopause.  We replace the testosterone with pellets first.  Then as a patient is beginning to lose weight, we suggest EmSculpt® treatments for losing fat and gaining muscle in the right place. Why not just exercise you say? Because you will probably lose your breasts and bum, but not your belly fat.  Moreover, 30 minutes on the Emsculpt® is like doing over 1,000 crunches…and it is hard to do 50 of them!

If you have had surgery and have been told not to exercise for a period of time, this machine will help you keep your muscle and lose fat while you recover.   other dieting or exercise is needed!

It also is ideal for those patients who want to augment certain muscle groups to make their contour better, when exercise wont’ work…or the area that you need to exercise is difficult to isolate like your inner thighs.

In one month and 4 Emsculpt treatments on my abdomen, I gained almost 1 lb of abdominal muscle and lost 2.9 % body fat, and 4.5 lbs.

















I have been trying to lose those inches for 3 years.

Many people are worried about the side effects of a treatment.  These facts should ease your mind.

  • No pain!
  • 30 minutes per area
  • series of 4 treatments one week apart
  • You can have this treatment on several areas of the body that need more muscle and less fat: Abdomen, inner thighs, outer thighs, front or back of the arms, and upper back, and calves will soon be approved by the FDA.
  • You can do one to three areas at one 1.5-hour appointment

How it works:

  • you come in 4 weeks in a row, for a 30-minute treatment, and a 45-minute office visit
  • We do an Inbody before the first and after the last of 4 treatments
  • You must be well hydrated (drink 64 oz of water before the treatment)
  • You take off all of your metal jewelry and piercings
  • You lie down and your RN or esthetician places the paddles or one paddle if you are small over the area you want to treat.
  • The machine contracts your muscles and simultaneously stimulates the fatty layer to destroy fat
  • You will feel like you had a workout!

Who cannot be treated with this device?

The electromagnetic part of this device acts like a magnet, or an MRI, so patients with any implantable medical devices cannot have these treatments. Joint replacements with metal in them can heat up with this treatment.  We must ask you to fill out a medical questionnaire so we can make sure that there is no metal in your body or near the area we are treating. Metal IUDS like the copper T or copper 7 will prevent you from getting this treatment.

It is necessary that the area that is treated must not have any open sores, or tattoos on them. The lymphatic system must be fully healthy to carry away fat, and you should be without a fever, cancer or infection and well hydrated.

If you aren’t happy in your swimsuit then please schedule a consultation at our BioBalance Skin® for EMSculpt®, to shape your body for swim season, now.

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author. 993-0963.

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