Nutrition Balance and Why It’s Important

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This video podcast is a discussion of nutrition balance and why it’s important to your health.

In this weeks podcast, Brett Newcomb and I talk about the aging process. Research shows that the process of aging involves the decline of hormones, oxidative stress, the toxin overload, and finally, lack of nutrients. In our last podcast, we spoke of the first three of these. In this week’s podcast, we are going to talk about nutrients.

When you take poly pharmaceuticals, or when you take a lot of medicines, those medicines are taken to deal with a particular issue or symptomology that your body has. They are keyed to address that symptom, but there is a side effect of taking the medicine. The side effect is that the medicine ultimately causes a nutritional deficit that has an impact on your health.

I think it’s important to know that when you go to the doctor for health issued, the doctor gives you a medication for that problem that may be effective, which is great, but eventually, you find yourself not feeling well. Down the line something else happens. You never really relate it to the medicine you were prescribed. Nutrients take a long time to become depleted so if you had plenty of magnesium and then you take a medication that depletes your magnesium and you don’t add it back, eventually it drops to a lower than optimal level. It’s like leeching out of the soil of the nutrients and you begin to feel tired, have muscle spasms, and are not able relax and go to sleep. You’re low on magnesium.

It is hard to make these connections without being trained to think this way and I frequently experience this in my practice. I often put my male patients on testosterone and female patients on testosterone and estradiol. I also manage their diet and nutrition in ways that helps them regain normal nutritional levels so in four months and they say, “You know Doc, this is the most amazing thing. I went on this low something diet and I lost 25 pounds in four months.” I reply, “Yes, but that never would have happened had you not been on the hormone.”

It’s not that just the great diet, it’s that getting your hormones balanced, getting your nutrients balanced, getting your life balanced makes it possible for you to actually get healthier and lose weight.

These are just some examples of items we touch upon as we talk about nutrients and balance and the best ways to achieve them.

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