Treating Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

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Dr. Maupin answers a viewer’s email about Treating Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

The BioBalance® Healthcast is intended to facilitate communication about new and effective age management treatments, and develop a community of listeners and commenters. Women all over the world are experiencing unsatisfactory responses when they present themselves to their medical practitioners with complaints or symptoms that are a reflection of decline in hormones that accompany aging over age 40. I have spent the last fifteen years trying to fight this uphill battle. I want women to find doctors who know what is wrong, and know how to treat hormone deficiencies with the safest method, bioidentical hormones. I continue to be dismayed at the number of women who report that their symptoms are dismissed or ignored, or written off as “normal” with the implication that they are crazy. Doctors everywhere write off women over 40 as “old” and tell them, “You need to face it, this is what old age looks and feels like, get used to it!” Interestingly men are not told that until they are well into their seventies. Women’s expiration date is when our fertility and hormones are gone, but this can be rectified by replacing what’s missing.

Too many doctors do not know about the decline of women’s hormones — and the many symptoms associated with these deficiencies — and how to treat it! The need for replacement of testosterone for men, on the other hand, has been well studied and accepted by the mainstream medical community. It isn’t fair and we need to get back in action by refueling our lives with testosterone replacement.

One reason I began to specialize in treating women with bioidentical testosterone and estradiol is that I suffered from these experiences with doctors and was told by my own physicians that it was my destiny to get older, fatter, less sexual, and to expect an ever-increasing level of dysfunction, and an expanding list of illnesses that would eventually limit my life, my flexibility, and my ability to function, until finally, I died. I found the answer, and woman don’t have to take this kind of treatment any more!

Brett Newcomb and I work hard to find medical articles and issues that we can present and discuss in our podcasts that are relevant and helpful to viewers of our podcast. We encourage them to contact us to let us know of their concerns, questions, and interests so that we can continue to make these podcasts relevant and useful to them. Usually we respond individually to those who contact us as a result of these podcasts, but sometimes we decide to share the concerns because they are indeed uniquely interesting, or because the emails receive reflect a common complaint that I treat in my practice. In this way I hope to give answers to many listeners who are experiencing the same problems.

This week is one of those weeks where we take a couple of questions or stories that were sent to us by women who suffer from hormone deficiency of testosterone and estradiol, and who found the answers offered by their medical providers to be unhelpful. Perhaps these stories will resonate with you. If so, we ask you to join our conversation, stay informed of available medical services and remain active participants in medical decision making for your own life and health. These are real people with real issues that have experienced a negative impact on their lives due to the hormone deficiency associated with getting older, or surgery. They are representative of the stories of hundreds or thousands of women all over the world. Maybe I can give you hope by listening to our Healthcast, if you share the same medical problems as our contributors.

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