Obamacare Part 1

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Why Can’t You Find a Doctor that Works for You?

Today, Brett Newcomb and I discuss the various aspects of the medical care delivery systems in the United States. Why are they so complex? Why is it hard for the consumer to understand how the system works? What do they do to get the medical care they need for themselves and their families?

Our discussion ranges freely among topics as diverse as Obamacare, the insurance companies and how they work, prescription drug issues that sometimes happen with both private insurance companies and government systems such as Medicare and why more and more doctors are dropping out of the system. Many doctors are finding alternatives to “traditional” practice modalities like “Boutique” practices that enable them to get off of the insurance company merry-go-round.

Listen to our discussion to get an idea about what you need to know and what you can do to find a good doctor in order to obtain the care you and your families need with the least amount of hassle from government agencies and insurance companies.

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