Prostate Cancer and Testosterone

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News About Prostate Cancer Treatments

Brett Newcomb tells us that many men in his age cohort joke about eventually dying from Prostate Cancer if something else does not kill them first. We are concerned because Prostate Cancer is no laughing matter. We are further concerned because Harvard University Professor, Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, in his book Testosterone for Life confronts what he calls the Myth that replacing testosterone in men who have low testosterone counts will cause prostate cancer, and also that it will increase the rapidity and danger of existing cancerous tumors.

Dr. Morgentaler explains in detail, in the article and in the book, how this myth developed as the direct result of poor interpretation of data from an earlier study. This compares very closely to discussions we have had in previous podcasts about the Women’s Health Initiative study and its negative and erroneous impact on hormone replacement thinking for over ten years.

Please listen to this podcast for a comprehensive discussion of the most recent research about men and prostate cancer with regard to testosterone and its role. If you are a man, or if you care about men, this topic will impact your life.

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