Orgasm: Where Have You Gone?

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How replacing and balancing your hormones impacts your ability to have an orgasm.

I spent the first half of my medical life as a gynecologist trying to figure out why my patients would come to my office asking what was wrong with them when they turned 40?

They felt they could not talk to their friends about it, and they were even embarrassed to tell me that even though they used to enjoy sex with their husband/partner, they now were repelled by the thought of it!

Remember this was in the 1980s through 2002, and the only way doctors knew anything about how to treat medical problems was because they learned it in medical school, residency or in their monthly specialty journal.  At that time and throughout that time period the primary doctor for women, gynecologists, we never taught anything about sex and the problems that women had after 40 due to deficient hormones.   I wasn’t taught how to counsel women about sexual problems. This was and is a great oversight by the Specialty society that I belonged to, ACOG, American College of OBGYN.

Then in 2002, when the internet grew to include medical articles and research, I could find journal articles about sexuality and dysfunctional sex after age 40…and with the help of Beverly Whipple NP who wrote the Science of Orgasm.  I began to be able to put the pieces together so I could counsel my patients with real medical information about women’s sexual problems.  The loss of orgasms and libido (sex drive) actually comes down to one hormone that is deficient!  Unfortunately, it is the one sex hormone that ACOG doesn’t recognize for women, despite all the research that is currently available—Testosterone.

Replacing testosterone has made all the difference for greater than 50,000 female patient visits.  I have treated with it in pellet delivery systems. Replacing deficient testosterone is not complicated and it is amazing to me that the medical community shuns the simple replacement of testosterone for women and advocates many drugs to treat anorgasmia (lack of orgasms) that are risky, expensive and often have no effect on a patient’s orgasms.  I have a 95% success rate of bringing orgasms back to aging women and in fact have also been successful in helping my patients who have NEVER had one!

Recently I read an article about orgasms and how to get them back, that never once mentioned testosterone, the most effective treatment that would bring sleeping orgasms back!

A recent article in the journal called “Menopause”, titled Oh no! Where did my “big O” go? Or could severe menopausal symptoms have stolen my orgasm?  Written by Simon, James A. MD, CCD, NCMP, IF, FACOG.

Here is what the author wrote to “educate” other gynecologists and family physicians. The author blames the lack of orgasms in aging women on the dry vagina caused by a lack of estrogen after menopause, however my 40+ years of experience has taught me that giving women estrogen either systemically or as a cream to the vagina, has not improved any woman’s orgasms in the absence of testosterone.  It is amazing to me that they still get it wrong!

There are many scientific articles and studies that prove what I now have proven over the course of 20 years of giving women testosterone pellets and seeing them smile broadly when I ask them how their sexual life is going. They say that they have their orgasms back and sometimes are multi orgasmic!  Their relationship with their partner is now excellent and they have a sex drive too!   The treatment with testosterone pellets to women after age 40, is the only treatment my patients need to help their relationship and their sexuality.

There is another misconception by the OBGYN world.  They believe that women’s sexuality gets better after age 60!  After talking to so many women about their sex lives, I have evidence that this is a false statement, and one that will prevent women from getting treatment for their sexual dysfunction with testosterone pellets, while they wait for it to get better as they age.  It is a lie that that occurs…the older a woman gets without estradiol and testosterone, the more dysfunction they have. After 150,000 patient visits since 2002, who come to me for hormone replacement and help with their sexual dysfunction, aging has only ruined sexuality for women, and never improved it. The dysfunction can start as early as 36 years of age and continues until they die.  This recent article still gets it wrong! I can only imagine what the motivation of the authors are, or are they just repeating unsubstantiated beliefs from what they learned in medical school?

Remember, 35% of studies are blatantly wrong for several reasons:

1.The statistics are manipulated to prove a point

  1. The wrong questions are asked of the patients
  2. The study age group is not the real group of women that is affected
  3. The title is a lie which scares doctors and patients alike.
  4. Medical methods and dose are wrong to produce the patient’s resolution of symptoms.

I’m sure there are more reasons a study could falsely lead one to believe a lie, but they are not important here because I am giving you examples but not an exhaustive list.

The only thing in this article that rang true was the last sentence, “Significantly more research focused specifically on orgasmic function and dysfunction is desperately needed.“  I have to say that if the OBGYN profession would review the research from other fields like anti-aging medicine, endocrinology, and sexual health, or they actually observed what makes their female patients resolve their anorgasmia then it would be as obvious to them as it is to me what makes women have orgasms…testosterone!  Testosterone not only brings orgasms back, but it does so much more for women’s sex lives as well…testosterone in the form of pellets causes women to have a normal sex drive, to have a wetter and stretchier vagina and vulva, increases the size of the clitoris that shrinks with age and makes orgasms easy! It is no wonder that I have a very busy BioBalance Health® Anti-aging practice!

Please Don’t give up searching for your orgasms….it will be found in one hormone, testosterone replacement!

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