A Noninvasive Alternative to a Surgical Facelift

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I Found the First No-Incision, No-Downtime Face Lift! It is called EmFace!

If you are over 50 you have probably wished that you could have a face lift to bring you back to how you looked in your 20s or 30s. As an owner of a Medical Esthetic Spa named BioBalance Skin®, and because I am 68 myself, I have spent years looking for a facial treatment that would get the results of a surgical face lift, but without the pain, surgery and downtime. Because of the EmFace,  I have finally found what I was looking for so  I bought it!  It is called EM-Face, kin is the first medical spa to offer this treatment that makes facelifts a thing of the past.

The EM Face is not only unique because the results of the EmFace are amazing, but it is also  unique because it isn’t painful, it doesn’t require many treatments (EMFace series is 4-6 treatments, one per week), and does not require anesthesia, there is no down time, no loss of time from work, and you are not at the mercy of a surgeon’s skill to make you look like yourself at a younger age,  instead of a young stranger (think Sharon Stone).

The EmFace treatment is done in our Medical Spa, and each treatment takes 30 minutes.  There is no operating room or anesthesia needed and it takes 4-6 sessions 30-minutes long , painless treatments that you don’t even have to get undressed for!  After your treatment you can go right out in the world without bruising or any sign that you had a face lifting procedure.

How does the EmFace work?  It uses electrical stimulation of the facial muscles to pull your facial skin up toward your temples, and it also tightens the facial skin so it literally makes your skin smooth and removes wrinkles!   Skin tone and muscle tone are improved and wrinkles disappear. …A face lift doesn’t improve your skin tone and it only smooths deep wrinkles.

Leaves no evidence of having a lifting procedure except that over the following 3 months you look progressively younger.   This is an advantage if you don’t want your friends to know that you had anything done to make you look younger.  A face lift is obvious and it is hard to hide the fact that you had a major procedure to regain a youthful looking face.

How long does it last? A Face Lift lasts about 10 years depending on the thickness and tone of your skin, as well as your age when you have the surgery.  EmFace generally requires one maintenance treatment a year to maintain the “lift” indefinitely.

Cost comparison?

EM-face 4 treatments costs around $2,800  and 6 treatments cost $3600 at BioBalance Skin®and that’s it!.

A facelift surgeon can charge t up to $100,000 for his or her services. Then  you have to add the additional costs of the operating room +  the cost of the surgical assistant + supplies and usually  you have to pay for one night in the surgery center.

For a facelift, plan on paying over $150,000 total (assuming you have no complications) vs a total charge of $2,800-$3,600 for an EMSCULPT facelift.  Oh, I forgot to add the value of your time off from your job which can be 3 months after a facelift, before you want be seen  in public.

Why does a face lift prevent you from showing your face right away?

Facelift Surgery on the face involves dissecting the skin away from the muscle and bones of the face, pulling the skin up toward your temples, trimming off extra skin and then closing the incisions with suture. This massive dissection causes a large amount of swelling and bruising, requiring drains placed in your face, for weeks.  This damage lasts a long time and is PAINFUL!

It generally causes patients to remain  housebound until they completely recover, which can be months.

EMFace causes none of these side effects and complications,  so you can go out in public, or back to work right afterwards with a “glow”, and no sign that you had anything more than a facial.

What are the comparable risks?

The risks of a facial surgery of any kind are dramatic…damage to the facial nerve may not be recoverable, making you unable to smile or show expression on one side of your face.  Surgery risks are always numerous and most surgeries include the complications of anesthesia, even death, infection, bruising, non-healing, nerve damage scar formation and facial drooping.

What should I do to prepare for either of these treatments for good results?

  • Replace your testosterone (improves healing), and estradiol (improves texture and tone of your facial skin.
  • Topical Skin Care, medical grade, (eg. Skinceuticals products) that stimulates the stem cells of your skin to grow and smooth the texture preparing for healing and tightening.
  • Replace your estrogen and testosterone if you are over 45, 4- 6 months before the “lift”.
  • Eat a high protein diet (more than half your weight in grams of protein/day)
  • Stay hydrated with water and sometimes electrolytes.
  • Lose as much weight as possible before the procedure.
  • Get monthly hydra-facials and or micro-needling to prep your skin
  • Take daily collagen supplementation in your coffee or tea
  • Take healing vitamins: Vitamin D 5,000 u/day, Vitamin Methyl B12 and Methyl-folate, Vitamin A 10,000-25-000 u/day, Vitamin C 1000 mg/day at the very least.

To help you make a decision, I have to tell you a little secret about what a facelift doesn’t do.: a facelift doesn’t take the place of getting  filler every 6-12 months; A facelift doesn’t take the place of botox of other neurotoxin. After a face lift you will still need regular skin peels and hydrafacials, exfoliation, and rejuvenation of the face and neck with laser or micro-needling!

A facelift JUST LIFTS!

EmFace lifts sagging facial skin, smooths the skin on the face and forehead, and improves texture and tone of the facial skin while removing wrinkles and stimulating underlying facial muscles to become the same size and shape as when they were younger! You may notice that you don’t need a neurotoxin as often as you did before the EmFace.  You may not need as much superficial filler to erase superficial wrinkles or dimpling.  EmFace also lifts the corners of your mouth so the downturn of the corners of your mouth are not as obvious, in fact the corners of your mouth actually turn up  like they did when you were younger.

This is what you’ve been waiting for! I know it was what I was waiting for…the EmFace machine wasn’t inexpensive, so the treatments using EmFace are not cheap….but they are drastically more affordable and less dangerous than a facelift!  I have finished my series and am happy that I no longer  dread the time and risk of having a facelift in the future.

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