An Interview with BioBalance Health Patient Judge Brian Dunlop

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BioBalance Health Patient – Judge Brian Dunlop’s Journey Back to Being Healthy.

Judge Dunlop is a friend of Dr. Maupin and her family. Four years ago, he became a patient of hers. At that time Mr. Dunlop was suffering from many of the illnesses of aging for which Dr. Maupin provides treatments. This week he is going to share his story with us, along with his concerns and the results of his treatment. We appreciate his willingness to speak to all of you and share his story and the amazing results he has experienced as a result of being a patient at BioBalance Health.

Doctors wanted Brian to get a hip replacement surgery and had asked him to consider two different shoulder surgeries. Brian had trouble standing after he had been sitting for a while, and he complained of aches and pains that were nearly debilitating. Dr. Maupin had been telling him for years that he did not have to suffer this way, she could help him by replacing his testosterone and checking his other hormone balances. Brian is stubborn and very smart. He did a lot of reading and he checked with other physicians for their opinions. He was reluctant to try what he thought of as newfangled treatments. Finally, because he could not get relief with traditional medical treatments, and because he did not want to have surgeries that put artificial joints into his body, he decided to try what Dr. Maupin was offering. That was four years ago, and he is here today with his testimonial for you to consider.

Brian suffered from stiffness and swelling. Inflammation is a major concern as we age. Doctors are trying to find ways to reduce inflammation as we age because it interferes with so many of the issues of aging and the illnesses to which we are subjected.

Brian complained of fatigue and muscle shrinkage, of shoulder and hip pains that plagued him when he stood up, after sitting, and when he got up out of bed in the morning. His pain and discomfort were nearly constant and interfered with his thought processes and his ability to command his body to do the things he had always been able to do, like his Karate workouts and his golf game and playing with his grandchild. He wanted help and regular medicine was not giving him any. He also found that his blood pressure was going up every year. He became concerned and finally asked Kathy for help.

Since his successful treatment, Brian refers his friends to Kathy when they complain and seem to age without progress. He says he is continually when he sees his same age friends after a period of time of not seeing them, and then thinking “Damn he looks old!” we just do not realize how impactful that kind of aging can be. And we want everyone to know that there is help at BioBalance Health.  Another concern that Brian had, was that there was a history of Alzheimer’s’ in his family. He was concerned that it might be something he should worry about.

What Brian has learned is that Dr. Maupin will track his blood work results as a measure of how to keep his strong, keep his growth hormones producing in ways that help his have and develop muscular strength and definition. She will provide him with information on new treatments such as Neo 40 to improve his nitric oxide count and why that will help his blood flow and help contain his hypertension scores.

As you can hear from this conversation, Brian is much stronger and healthier today after several years of hormone replacement. We hope you will listen and consider whether or not this would be a consideration for yourself or for your parents and friends who are aging and who are complaining of concerns that seem to plague all of us as we age.

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author.

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