Pheromones Make the World go Around

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Pheromones can make us feel sexually attracted to the right people.

Pheromones are the chemicals that are secreted from the “sweat” glands of adults.  These undetectable odors are the scents that bring men and women, men and men or women and women together romantically.  These chemicals are secreted from the areas under the arms, and the vulva and scrotum.  Pheromones are also contained in saliva, urine and sweat.   We make more of them when we exercise, so those men and women who exercise regularly make more of these odors that attract partners.

If you have ever gone to the lunch room or the locker room in a junior high you will actually smell the scents of sweaty pheromones.  I remember when my daughter was 12 she told me that she didn’t like the boys who were older because they “stink!”.   Pheromones begin to be secreted as testosterone levels rise in menarche (women) and puberty (for men). As we get older, our pheromones calm down and we spray ourselves with perfumes to obscure our natural scents, because society and advertisers want to sell us more and more perfumes.  Here is a secret piece of advice, if you are trying to find a mate, throw away the deodorant and body sprays!

These scents are invisible and serve a purpose in the thousands of years before we were civilized.  The scents of our family members are dissimilar to those of people with different genetics.  Pheromones and attraction are created to help us discern genetically similar mates from those who are good choices.  For example, when we note the odor of a family member, their pheromones repel us.  Those possible mates that are “strange” to us, secrete pheromones that attract us.

Pheromones not only make us feel sexually attracted to the right people, but they also make us feel friendly and warmth to those who are secreting them.  This is the perfect invisible “come-on”, but we do many things to ourselves to obscure our natural pheromones and ruin our sexual attraction.

The most common single most repellant thing women do to themselves is to take birth control pills, these hormonal contraception pills decrease testosterone and counteract our natural ability to attract a spouse.   BCPs also decrease the secretion of testosterone from the ovary to almost nothing, which is the reason pheromones are not secreted.  If you want to attract t a mate, get a Mirena® IUD placed, instead of BCPs because your testosterone will stay the same, and so will your pheromones.

Another way we decrease our pheromones is by removing pubic hair.  Pheromones are made in the apocrine glands of the vulva and the pubic hair traps and sustains pheromones.  By removing the hair the scent is only fleeting!

But what gland in the human body can “smell” the pheromones?  It is called VMO vomeronasal gland. It is located far inside the nasal passages.

I have known this for years as I watched my young patients go through their lives and I knew when they were off and on the BCP.  Interestingly, when they were off and using barrier contraception, was often the time they found their mate!  Following what I have learned I advised young women who were frustrated by their dating experiences to stop deodorant and BCP pills and trade it for exercise in the gym and a Mirena® IUD!  Usually it worked wonderfully.

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author.

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