Statins and Estrogen

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Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss recent research conducted on the use of statin drugs and how they can interact with estrogen replacement therapy.

New research shows that the replacement of estrogen can make you healthier and can prolong your life, protecting you from many dangerous diseases. Despite this research, however, many in the medical field still have not taken notice. Many doctors have absorbed the message from the 2002 World Health Institute Study which wrongly concluded that replacing estrogen heightens the risk of breast cancer. These doctors are misinformed and their female patients remain at higher risks of all sorts of potentially-fatal illnesses.

A similar controversy surrounds the use of statin drugs. There is concern surrounding the use of statins because of the possibility that they may increase the susceptibility to cardiac problems. In April of this year, The Journal of Menopause published the results of a study that was done to test this theory. It concluded that women on statins were not likely to develop cardiac or breast cancer issues, if they also replaced their estrogen. We believe that their data missed the point. In this study, they monitored women who took statins, women who did not take statins, women who took estrogen replacement, women who did not take estrogen replacement, women who took nothing, and, finally, different combinations of the categories. The data concluded pretty strongly that the best result for life expectancy for all categories were those who took estrogen replacement, with or without statins.

What frustrates us is that when they reported the study results, they focused on the reality that statins helped save lives and ignored data that was even more conclusive: that estrogen replacement saved more lives than any other category or combination.

Brett and I discuss why and how this misinformation persists in today’s medicine and media world when there are ample studies that have rejected the conclusions of the repudiated WHI study—studies that independently conclude that estrogen replacement is good news for women. Those studies conclude that if you replace your hormones, you are less likely to die from cancer, from breast cancer, from heart conditions, or from other illnesses.

If you want to live longer and healthier, you should talk to your doctor about replacing your sex hormones—both estrogen and testosterone. There are many studies and articles about the research that concludes this that are available to read. If you are interested, you can check the reference page on at Women’s Hormone Therapy Reference Articles or Men’s Testosterone Therapy Reference Articles, where you can read for yourself what the research says and where you can find it.

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