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Orgasms, Testosterone, and the Causes of Anorgasmia

Dr. Maupin continues her discussion on “women and sex” focusing on the causes of anorgasmia. Summary:   Doctors traditionally divide the female and male orgasms into four stages as though all were the same and progressed identically along the same pathways. [...]

Three Out of Four Women Don’t get Treatment for Menopause from Their Doctor

Menopause is an inevitability to all women, yet the doctors who should be their advocate, their OBGYN physicians get less than a total of 3 hours of training in treating the hormonal changes that every woman will experience. Symptoms of[...]

Sexual Diseases or Disorders where a Female would see a Gynecologists

The nerves that produce orgasm are not as most men think just in the clitoris, but there are a variety of nerves that lead from the spinal cord to areas of pleasure. At BioBalance we treat sexual dysfunction in both[...]