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The Progesterone IUD is a new prevention for Post-Menopausal Bleeding

IUD’s can be used for more than just birth control. Often in medicine, doctors discover a new use for an old treatment or a treatment that is approved for one use and serendipitously doctors find a new use for a[...]

What Genetic Mutation Does 1/3 of America have? MTHFR! What is that?

MTHFR mutation, discovered by doing a Homocysteine blood level, could prevent infertility and strokes, pulmonary emboli, heart attacks. There is a silent and UNTREATED, UNTESTED mutation than affects 1/3 of Americans, that causes pulmonary emboli, heart attacks and strokes, and[...]

Pheromones Make the World go Around

Pheromones can make us feel sexually attracted to the right people. Pheromones are the chemicals that are secreted from the “sweat” glands of adults.  These undetectable odors are the scents that bring men and women, men and men or women[...]