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Fillers, Injections, and Threading. Learn from an Expert at BioBalance Skin.

BioBalance Skin Welcomes our New Expert Injector (Dana Whalen), and new services like Threading, and Hair Restoration. This week we are introducing Ms Dana Whalen, a Nurse Injector at BioBalance Skin. We are speaking with her about the skills she[...]

Women – The Physical Signs of Testosterone Deficiency

What are the physical symptoms that identify a woman suffering from Testosterone Deficiency? Did you know that 30 years of practicing Gynecology gave me the ability to immediately recognize a woman with testosterone deficiency? In fact I can usually tell[...]

Side Effects of Testosterone Replacement part 2

This video podcast covers the more serious side effects of testosterone replacement In episode 154 of the BioBalance Healthcast, Brett Newcomb and I spoke of concerns that women have when they come to BioBalance Health to discuss replacing their testosterone.[...]