Fillers, Injections, and Threading. Learn from an Expert at BioBalance Skin.

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BioBalance Skin Welcomes our New Expert Injector (Dana Whalen), and new services like Threading, and Hair Restoration.

This week we are introducing Ms Dana Whalen, a Nurse Injector at BioBalance Skin.

We are speaking with her about the skills she has and the work she does at BioBalance Skin. We will examine techniques called Threading, and PRP, among other services that Dana provides at BioBalance Skin.

Threading is a technique that Dana uses to pull back certain vectors on a clients face. Typically, the lower third of the face benefits from the use of threading, which is sometimes called the no scalpel face lift. A tiny thread is inserted underneath the skin and it has tiny little barbs on the thread and those are attached to the inner-side of the facial skin then the thread is pulled back, resulting in a lift of the sagging skin!  We have three different types of threads to use, all of which are biodegradable, and dissolve over time. They do not need to be removed. Then for the middle third of the face, we use fillers or injections.

In the upper third of the face we use injections of neuro toxins to remove crow’s feet and frown lines caused by dynamic expressions. In the middle third we use what we call fillers. These can be customized to the specific client depending on the volume they need.

The goal is to restore volume and create collagen stimulation. This will help you look younger. The skill of the clinician comes into play with the understanding of where in the face the volume came from and knowing where to put it back so that the face is rejuvenated.

When you are ready, you can schedule an appointment with Dana and sit down with her to plan what you need done and how and when to do it.  You will be very comfortable with Dana and her knowledge and skill sets. She will help you work out a 30/60/90 day workup schedule and talk with you about long term satisfaction. Dana has been an instructor for injections at several of the manufacturing companies that make these products. She is a top of the line injector. Come and speak with her soon!

We also use cutting edge lasers that help do body sculpting and reduce fat deposits and tighten skin. Our technicians are top of the line and highly skilled.

BioBalance Skin represents the cutting- edge treatments with the experts to provide them. Please check them out.


This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author

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