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The 15 Reasons You Have Trouble Losing Weight – Reasons #8-15

Your medicines may be working against you when trying to lose weight. #8 You drink alcohol while you are dieting. Alcohol is a toxin, not a food and slows or stops weight loss. When you drink, your liver prioritizes your[...]

The 15 Reasons You Have Trouble Losing Weight #1-7

Working at being healthy is WORK! I have seen so many patients who come in for anti-aging Testosterone and estradiol who are 50-100% overweight and who do not follow my instructions for weight loss, that I am tired of talking[...]

Food Choices – A Netflix Documentary

Research continues to challenge our concepts about food, how it is manufactured, and how it is consumed. American culture has evolved into a society that, for the most part, is more and more removed from the immediacy of nature. We[...]