The 15 Reasons You Have Trouble Losing Weight – Reasons #8-15

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Your medicines may be working against you when trying to lose weight.

#8 You drink alcohol while you are dieting. Alcohol is a toxin, not a food and slows or stops weight loss. When you drink, your liver prioritizes your alcohol and gets it out of your system first….then fat and other toxins that you need to metabolize.  Drinking every day keeps you from processing and losing fat…so it keeps you overweight.  When dieting..stop drinking!

#9 You don’t drink water…just diet soda or tea or juice. Water consumption is necessary to mobilize and get fat out of your body.  You MUST DRINK 8-10 8 oz glasses of water a day to be able to get rid of fat! Drink water…its free!

#10 Your medicines are working against you!  Anti=psychotics often used for sleep cause weight gain, as do anti-seizure meds and ORAL estrogen (birth control pills, postmenopausal hormones, especially Provera) and ORAL testosterone, and some blood pressure medications like beta-blockers. Ask your doctor for alternatives if possible.  If not, then you will have to emphasize the other ways to lose weight…it will just be a little more difficult.

#11. You eat because you are bored, not because you are hungry. This is a common reason people just can’t lose weight.  Emotional Eating!  Food should be your fuel, and you should consider what you are putting in your tank. Whole foods, clear water, fruit, meat, fish, and veggies are necessary to give you your energy to go through your day.  Eating mindlessly should be replaced by eating at meals.  Start by doing something else with your hands that keeps you from eating—do your nails, sudoku or crossword puzzles, petit-point, or hand sewing. These activities will keep you occupied and your hands busy.  If you must eat something, make it pistachios with the shells—you will burn more calories getting the sells off than eating the nuts!

#12 Your gut bacteria have become damaged by antibiotics, fast food, and alcohol.  You need healthy gut bacteria to absorb your nutrients and to lose weight.  Feed your gut Pro-biotics and a salad every day and you will build a biome that will help you lose weight. The need for a healthy gut is cited every day in medical literature.  People with just a few types of gut bacteria are fat and those people with many forms of gut bacteria are normal weight…You just must add a probiotic to your vitamins every day and eat salads to feed your bacteria!

#13 You don’t take vitamins and supplements: Our food is not as nutritious as it used to be.

To be truly healthy we must add to the nutrition we get from our food, especially when we are dieting and removing carbs from our diet.  Everyone in the US should take Vitamin D 5,000 units/day, magnesium glycinate 400 mg/day, methylated B complex vitamins, probiotic, Vitamin E 400 MIU, Vitamin A 25,000 units, Zinc 15 mcg, and trace minerals.

If you are dieting you should add DIM ES 250-500 mg, chromium, protein powder with 25 gms of protein 1-2 times a day, Berberine, and vitamin K 100 mcg/day.

#14 You don’t plan your meals or your shopping list—you just buy food that looks good.

Being healthy and having the right foods at home is not more expensive but takes a few minutes a week. Shopping for food should be a stealth attach not a dirty bomb.  When you go to the store you should have planned what you will cook for dinners, and what should be available for lunches and breakfast.  There are expensive foods you don’t need to pay for the fresh foods you do need.

Here are my shopping guidelines: It is about WHAT you eat!

  • Use a list and a plan
  • No cereal, or oatmeal—especially instant oatmeal
  • No chips
  • Crackers should be whole grain
  • No rice (unless it is wild rice)
  • Buy fresh food for salads daily
  • Buy meat (ham, turkey) and cheese for sandwiches (one piece of bread each sandwich)
  • Bread should be high protein, nutritious (Dave’s bread)
  • Food for meals should be fresh or frozen veggies
  • Make multi-meal soups and stews—hold the bread
  • Leave the soda and everything except bubble water at the store
  • Leave anything that is baked goods and sweets alone
  • Use milk-based dressings, not sweet dressings on your salad, or olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Add nuts and dried fruit to your salad
  • Have nuts, cheese, yogurt, and dried fruit or fresh fruit available for snacks.
  • Eat lots of cheeses/butter—ricotta, cottage cheese, butter, blue cheese, feta cheese
  • Eggs are good!
  • Fat is not a bad thing for fills you up and doesn’t stimulate insulin. No low-fat diets because they have sugar in them.
  • Get rid of junk food in your pantry—clean it out and donate or trash these foods..and don’t buy it again.
  • Growing kids need more carbs…but teach your kids to eat healthy carbs!

#15: You don’t Eat right for your Blood type. 

Genetically, certain foods are either good or bad for your genetics.  Follow the blood type foods for you type…(Dr. DaDamo, Live Right For Your Type). 

Remember: Our parents didn’t necessarily feed us what was good for you…they just continued the habit of feeding you what they learned to cook from their mothers.  In addition, you can have many different blood types in a family and the same food that is good for one of you is not the same for another member of the family.

Don’t perpetuate bad eating in a family!

Please take this to heart and follow the plan and you will be able to achieve a healthy weight!

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author. 993-0963.

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