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Dosing Hormone Replacement – Fast and Slow Metabolizers

Hormone replacement dosage can be significantly different from person to person. Even if they are the same gender, age, and size. It is a Little-known fact that each person has his or her own individual metabolism that breaks down food,[...]

Aging, Menopause and Andropause

Click the play button below to listen to the Healthcast. [audio mp3=""][/audio]   Download the transcription of this podcast. Men and women have been told that getting older means acting older. Medicine has provided very little options for dealing with[...]

St. Louis Radio Interview

I will be the guest of top-rated St. Louis radio host, Dave Glover, at 4:45 this afternoon. Please tune in to 97.1 FM to hear us talk about treating symptoms of aging—menopause and andropause—with bioidentical testosterone and estradiol hormone pellet[...]