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Iodine: Why You Need this Supplement!

How do you know if you have low Iodine and or Hypothyroidism?   If you have hypothyroidism (Low thyroid), fibrocystic breasts, fatigue, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hair loss, obesity, or high cholesterol then taking supplemental Iodoral can improve these diseases.  These[...]

News Flashes about Menopause, Metabolic Syndrome, Dementia and Cancer!

Menopause is tied to a higher rate of depression and anxiety, in conjunction with insomnia. There is a lot of New Medical Information that is important for patients to make healthy decisions about their care or the care of their[...]

Men, Testosterone Replacement Can Keep You Alive

Exciting new research in both America and Europe proves that low testosterone levels in men over 40 can increase their risk of ED, obesity, diabetes type 2, prostate cancer, heart attack and stroke.  Recognizing these facts and replacing lost testosterone[...]