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Blueberries are good and statins are bad for adult-onset diabetes

Diabetes is rapidly becoming the most common and dangerous disease of aging for Americans. Three recent studies have shown a new light on treatments for diabetes. This group of research discoveries teaches us how to improve the severity of diabetes[...]

What Peptide Treatments Will You Need as You Age?

What are the different Peptide treatments associated with aging? We have been talking about peptides, the “pieces of proteins” that are the local communicators in our body that disappear with illness and age.  We have been talking about these peptides[...]

Pre-diabetes in Menopausal Women

BioBalance Health has always understood the relationship between a Low SHBG, and Insulin Resistance, Obesity and Diabetes. We always evaluate this in your initial and followup bloodwork and manage the Insulin Resistance, which is a pre-diabetic sign, as well as[...]