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SkinCare II: Treatment of aging skin –You can turn back the clock!

How to choose the skin treatment that is right for you. Last time I talked about the ways you can keep your skin healthy and the products I have found that medical grade products are effective to keep skin looking[...]

The Neglected Neck and Medical Spas

BioBalance Skin's anti-aging treatments that make your face and neck look great. This week we are fortunate to have another visit from Ms. Dana Whalen our Licensed Aesthetic Nurse at BioBalance Skin. BioBalance Skin is a medical spa, which as[...]

Anti-Aging Treatments for the Face

What is it about the face that causes us to look old or young? This week we have a guest with us, she is Ms Dana Whalen a Licensed Esthetic Nurse at our Medical Spa, BioBalance Skin. Dana is with[...]