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Protein is Your Body’s Vital Building Block

Dr. Maupin explains the importance of having sufficient protein in your diet. When I tell my patients that they need a high protein diet, all they can think of is meat…but protein sources are found in many parts of our[...]

If you have Sarcopenia it means you have poor muscle mass….but what does it mean to your health?

Muscle mass does more for you as you age than just get you from here to there. There was  once a Saturday night live skit that featured one of their actors, Eddie Murphy,  teaching how to spell and say Py-ro-man-ia..and[...]

What Exercises Should You do to be Healthy? – Continued

Continuing the discussion on the different types of exercises. Exercise improves your overall feeling of well-being and helps get you to your ideal weight and muscle mass.  You may find yourself asking why you should go to this effort and[...]