The Ten Myths of Exercise Programs for People over 35

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Over 35 And Disappointed With Your Exercise Results, Dr. Maupin Explains Why.

In this healthcast Dr. Maupin identifies and explains ten generally held beliefs about exercising that seem to cause those of us over 35 to be disappointed in our results. She explains why these examples of “common wisdom” are, in reality, myths. As we discuss the various myths regarding exercise, we explain why they are not true and how you may damage your health, and lose interest in exercise as you age, if you subscribe to these myths. Instead of doing these things, we propose more realistic  and effective methods of exercising and setting exercise goals based on knowledge and understanding of how exercise works differently as we age. Our goal is to help people who are exercising to achieve health and a beautiful body to create a work out with reasonable goals and avoid injury.  

Here are the Ten Myths of Exercise After 35:

  1. Weight lifting makes you thin. No it gives you muscle.
  2. You cannot exercise too much.
  3. You can’t get addicted to exercise!
  4. The more exercise you do, the healthier your body will be!
  5. If you exercise enough, you can look like ____________(a fill in the blank fantasy)!
  6. You can run as a form of exercise for the rest of your life!
  7. You can’t be too thin!
  8. You can build muscle after 50 like you did in your youth, with just exercise
  9. “Steroids” are as safe as medically prescribed testosterone.
  10. Running always makes your body look healthy

We discuss these various “myths” for what they are, beliefs that cause people over 35 to stop exercising, sustain injuries and become frustrated with their progress. We advocate adjusting your mind so both men and women develop realistic and achievable goals for the role of exercise in their lives. We find that both healthy diet and consistent exercise, help aging patients to remain healthy all of their lives.

Of course Dr. Maupin and BioBalance Health advocates the replacement of deficient hormones with bio-identical testosterone pellets for optimal success of an exercise program. Today we examine the various myths about exercise and present the real facts that will change how you think about exercise and aging. Exercise is absolutely necessary to healthy aging and certainly can’t be avoided, so change your mind about how exercise works, and your body will follow!

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC.,Family Counselor, Presenter and Author.  

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