The Ten Truths About Exercise Programs for People Over 35

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Is Your Exercise Approach Optimized For Your Age?

In this healthcast Dr. Maupin identifies and explains ten plus generally held beliefs about exercising that seem to cause those of us over 35 to be disappointed in our results. She explains why these examples of “common wisdom” are, in reality, myths. As we discuss the various myths regarding exercise, we explain why they are not true and how you may damage your health, and lose interest in exercise as you age, if you subscribe to these myths. Instead of doing these things, we propose more realistic and effective methods of exercising and setting exercise goals based on knowledge and understanding of how exercise works differently as we age.

Our goal is to help people who are exercising to achieve a healthy beautiful body with a reasonable workout, while avoiding injury.

Truths that we will be discussing are:

  1. Reasonable expectations (for example fast twitch people don’t do well in endurance races) based on your body type are achievable with a combination of exercise, diet and testosterone replacement after 40.
  2. Hard exercise should be scheduled every other day for optimal muscle growth and results.
  3. The act of physically moving, walking and climbing stairs whenever you can, is healthy and will sustain a healthy cardiac system. e.g. park at the outer edge of the lot when going shopping, climb the stairs whenever you can instead of taking the elevator.
  4. Align your work out to your goals: for weight loss, do aerobic exercise and for building muscle do resistance training with weights.
  5. For body reconfiguration, do weight training e.g. do multiple abdominal exercises with weights or machines to achieve a flat stomach with a 6 pack.
  6. For fast weight loss and body shaping, do both cardio and weight training, usually described as interval training, at the same sitting.
  7. Alternate days for muscle groups: exercise upper body one day, and lower body the following day.
  8. It takes three months of sticking to an exercise program to If you quit before 3 months you will find yourself starting over and over again with minimal results.
  9. Exercise should be a part of your life and not be isolated event for one hour three times a week.
  10. Body building expectations of Americans are unrealistic and dishonest when it comes to achieving body shape and weight goals.
  11. When you build muscle with weights, your body weight may increase instead of decrease, so don’t look at the scale, look at your measurements.
  12. None of us can be Twiggy or a 5-11 rail thin model if we are 50 something, and aren’t that tall and prefer eating to starving. We must be the best body we can be, and not try to achieve the aspects of someone else’s body.
  13. Over-exercising can cause you to lose weight and muscle mass. This is the biggest reason that BioBalance patients don’t achieve their physical and health goals through exercise-They over work their muscles and make them smaller!
  14. People can get addicted to exercise because it increases the endorphins (feel good brain hormones) just as any addiction can. Examine yourself and consider if you are addicted to exercise.  The most obvious sign is that you cannot go a day without exercise even if you are hurt or sick.

Join us as we share stories about different people who exercise for health, but cause damage and illness instead. We offer advice about healthier ways to exercise and the importance of healthy exercise as a life style pattern.  Finally we discuss the importance of developing a healthy exercise program after the age of 40 that combines reasonable goals, good diet, reasonable amounts of exercise and the proper kind to help you with weight loss, muscle building, or both.  The healthiest people add testosterone pellets to their body-building regimen and aerobic exercise to make muscle-building possible after age 40.

These healthcasts are designed to teach you to live healthier more vibrant lives by incorporating reasonable health inducing patterns of behaviors that will pay dividends as you age.

We would like to acknowledge Mr. John Schneider at The Fitness Edge for his assistance in preparing this healthcast. Thank you John.

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author.

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